First Issues - 1840 to 1849

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GB Penny Black commemoratives

GB SG2 GB SG479 GB SG835 GB SG1467 GB SG2473  
The original. Centenary, Victoria and G6
set of six values
Philympia stamp exhibition 150th anniversary, QV & QE
set of five values
250th anniversary, Royal Society of Arts  
1840 SG2 Sc1 1940 SG479 Sc 1970 SG835 Sc 1990 SG1467 Sc 2004 SG2473 Sc year SG Sc

Stamp World London 1990 exhibition SG-MS1501

The 1990 design has been reused repeatedly, here for a 2009 Prestige booklet, showing the cover and a pane.
2009 SG-DX46

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