First Issues - 1852 to 1854

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Commemoratives of first issues for India and Indian States

Something of a tradition has developed of showing FI commemoratives for states and provinces on the back of the page featuring the parent country, in this case India. Those previously done at the time of writing are Italy, Canada and Germany.

There are many Indian states issuing both before and after India itself (the list is here), but the only FIComs I knew before this month were both for Scinde, one from India and one from Pakistan. While preparing my wants list for the Spring 2014 Stampex, I came across a 2010 India miniature sheet showing several state issues and so this page was born (I found the stamps first which, individually are rather a mess, but the m/s ties them together).

Scinde Scinde    
Pakistan 1951 SG63 Sc India 1977 SG861 Sc    
Indore Sirmoor Bamra Cochin
India 2010 SG Sc India 2010 SG Sc India 2010 SG Sc India 2010 SG Sc

India 2010 miniature sheet

page written February 2014