First Issues - 1858 to 1860

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Canadian Province(s)

Canada SG525 SC399
Canada commemorative
1962 SG525 Sc399

The eleven years of British Columbia and Vancouver Island’s nineteen stamps seem unnecessarily complicated. The first was not issued; they are all expensive; some were for BC&VI (SG2-3), some for BC (SG21-33), some for VI (SG11-14); they vary between pence, cents and overprints of one on the other. There was a Canadian commemorative in 1962 which is shown. This entry comprises either one or three province FIs: opting for one raises the Canadian Province count to five.


Venezuela SG7 Sc1 Venezuela SG168 Sc136 Venezuela SG395 Sc-C1 Venezuela 1942 SG649 Sc-B1 Venezuela SG-O Sc-O1
1st January 1859
SG7 Sc1
1893 SG168 Sc136
4th centenary of the discovery of South America
1930 SG395 Sc-C1
1942 SG649 Sc-B1
To fund a monument to Simón Bolivar
1898 SG-O Sc-O1

Venezuela’s first issues, starting on 1st January 1859, are rather matter-of-fact, though pleasingly affordable. Its history is explained below under Colombia.

Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands SG1 Sc1
15th May 1859
SG1 Sc1

Listed as a British Colony in this era, the Ionian Islands offer a meagre entry with 3 stamps issued on 15th May 1859. The islands were ceded to Greece in 1864. There were occupation issues in 1941 (Italy) and 1943 (Germany).

French Colonies

The first French colony to issue stamps was Reunion in 1852 On 1st June 1859 this general issue began, identical stamps used throughout the colonies, and then the individual colonies were gradually given their own issues, albeit only the otherwise identical keyplate Peace and Commerce design, staring in 1876. The exception to this progression is New Caledonia, below. SG2/Sc2 is the first stamp chronologically, the SG1/Sc1 1 centime green not being issued until 1862.

French Colonies SG2 Sc2 French Colonies SG89 Sc-B8 French Colonies SG87 Sc-B1 French Colonies SG-D59 Sc-J1
1st June 1859
SG2 Sc2
1944 SG89 Sc-B8
1943 SG87 Sc-B1
Aid to Resistance movement
Post Due
1884 SG-D59 Sc-J1


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