First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Commemoratives of first issues for German States

This is the third set of state and provincial commemoratives, following on from Italy and Canada. It could have been the largest challenge by some distance as there were around twenty (depending on your definitions) German states that issued stamps prior to Germany itself, and several issuing entities for commemoratives with the division and reunification of Germany after WW2. Regrettably, Germany (like Canada, but unlike Italy) has not made a very good job of commemorating its stamply heritage.
[Germany Braille 2006 Sc2374]

First a list, as a prelude to building the page

State first issue commem issuer catalogue
Bavaria November 1849 1949 W.Ger SG1035-37; Sc667-8, B309
    1949 E.Ger SGE4; ScB14 †
    1990 Ger SG2329; Sc1614
    1999 Ger SG-MS2900; ScB849
Saxony June 1850 1950 E.Ger SGE19; ScB21
    1978 W.Ger SG1872; Sc1282
    1999 Ger SG-MS2900; ScB849
Prussia November 1850      
Schleswig-Holstein November 1850    
Hanover December 1850      
Baden May 1851      
W├╝rttemberg October 1851      
Brunswick January 1852      
Oldenburg January 1852      
Thurn & Taxis, North and South January 1852 1965 W.Ger SG1403; Sc933
Bremen April 1855      
Mecklenburg-Schwerin July 1856     Δ
Hamburg January 1859 1959 W.Ger SG1227; ScB366 *
Lübeck January 1859 1959 W.Ger SG1229; ScB367 *
Bergedorf November 1861      
Holstein March 1864      
Schleswig March 1864      
Mecklenburg-Strelitz November 1864      
North German Confederation January 1868 1968 W.Ger SG1471; Sc990
not sure   2009 Ger SG3599

† there is an expensive miniature sheet version of the 1949 East German Bavaria commemorative
* there are colour variants of the Hamburg and Lübeck issues, SG1228+30; ScB366a and 7a
Δ Mecklenburg-Schwerin has not been commemorated with a stamp, but was celebrated locally in 2006 with a postmark. I noticed this in a stamp magazine at the time and have been looking for one since, but without success.

East Germany SGE4 ScB14 Germany SG2329 Sc1614    
Bavaria, 1849 Bavaria Bavaria    
West Germany
1949 SG1035 Sc-B309
East Germany
1949 SGE4 ScB14
1990 SG2329 Sc1614

East Germany
1950 SGE19 ScB21      
Saxony, 1850 Saxony      
East Germany
1950 SGE19 ScB21
West Germany
1978 SG1872 Sc1282

West Germany SG1227 ScB366 West Germany SG1229 ScB369 text
Hamburg, 1859 Lübeck, 1859 Thurn & Taxis, 1852 North German Confederation, 1868 Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1856
West Germany
1959 SG1227 ScB366
West Germany
1959 SG1229 ScB369
West Germany
1965 SG1403 Sc933
West Germany
1968 SG1471 Sc990
local postmark

Germany SG-MS2900 ScB849
Germany 1999 miniature sheet, SG-MS2900 ScB849, Bavaria and Saxony

page written November 2013