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Even while I was still writing the first page, the solution to one of my main problems, illustrating the Cape of Good Hope’s Baden-Powell first commemoratives presented itself in the form of a 1939 set of cigarette cards from Ardath.

The set of 50 cards was on sale at a specialist site (the London Cigarette Card Company), selling for £75 and single cards appear on ebay priced at a few pounds, but I managed to get a complete set on ebay for a modest £8.

Ardath cigarette card

The full set is shown here, spread over three pages and one of the highlights is card 7 which illustrates and describes the issue,

St. Thomas and Prince Islands
1982 Sc658 SG?

"During the siege of Mafeking by the Boers (Oct. 1899-May 1900) - one of the outstanding episodes of the South African War - a postal service was instituted which not only served the besieged town, but endeavoured to keep up communication with the outside world by means of native runners. The majority of the stamps used were Cape of Good Hope and Bechuanaland issues, with the additional inscription "MAFEKING BESIEGED"; but special ld and 3d. stamps were also produced photographically, the former showing Sgt.-Major Goodyear on a bicycle, while the latter bears a portrait of Colonel Baden-Powell (now Chief Scout), who commanded the defence during the siege."

But I'll still seek the St. Thomas and Prince Islands 1982 issue. [added Feb 2016]

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