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This is the index to the First Issue Anniversaries series of pages. The pages themselves were started in April 2010 and the index will not be completed until the pages have been done.


  1. GB has been commendably restrained in its celebrations, at least as far as my Gibbons catalogues go, that is to 2004. More recently, every stamp magazine you read has letters of complaint about the volumes and cost of pointless commemmoratives, but I will spare these pages most of that misery by stopping at around 2000.
  2. Switzerland was always going to be awkward to display as its first issues were from the Cantons and also because there have been so many miniature sheets.
  3. Curiously, Brazil's first celebration was in 1934 when it chose the relatively nondescript 1844 series rather than the remarkable Bullseyes.
  4. Germany is going to be worse than Switzerland to organise and might need a rethink. [17th April] The rethink has resuted in a horizontal display for the states. If this works out, I will use the same layout for Italian and Australian states and any other such cases.
  5. Scott #3 is the first French stamp issued.

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