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A log of purchases.

[20Apr12] SG190 2½d bought for £1.61.
[19Apr12] Bought another SG157 (on a coach on the way to Durham). Stop there.
[16Apr12] I managed to snag this for £11.38 on the mobile while at 'work', DX46 Treasures of the Archive booklet. It has a few machins that are expensive singly and so I thought I might as well buy the whole thing.
#1 This is the first time I have featured a stamp I failed to buy, hence the red text. A poor SG48 which went for £6.88, seriously overpriced for this messy stamp, even an NB.
#2 Success on the second, though, SG103 for £2.25.
#3 As noted in the research, that's a set of 3d small white (SG77), large white (SG103) and large coloured (SG143) corner letters.
1 2 3
[13Apr12] The 1977 high value set used for £3.60. The SG cat is £32 and Smiths £24, so that's 11% or 15%. Most of the stamps look decent except the £1.60.
[11Apr12] A beautifully coloured but imperfectly formed SG43 for £5.50. It's good to have a Penny Red rather than a Penny Brown.
[9Apr12] An interesting find in Smith's today, Stamp Magazine's British Stamp Market Values 2012. Described as 'Exclusive to WH Smith', it is also available from Amazon at £7.47, a 32% discount. This claims to provide realistic prices for all GB stamps. I'll add them to the pre-decimal page.
[8Apr12] Not quite sure why I bought this when I already have an SG94.
But I did, £9.99.
[6Apr12] Two won, two lost today: the wins were both NBs, so they would have been my first choices.
#1 SG163, the only NB example I have seen since starting. The cancel is not pretty but the initials are beautifully clear. £5.61 was a good price at 3.7% cat.
#2 At £11.50, I probably paid too much for this SG77 at 4.6% cat. It's my first small white.
The losses were a 1/- embossed which went for £16.89 and a 2d SG168a for £10.
1 2
[4Apr12] Two embossed today for £10.83 and £13.27. There's an SG54 finishing on 6th.
[3Apr12] And here it is, a few days later, a good SG156 NB for the not-unreasonable price of £22.99 (7.6% cat). Order and happiness is restored. I'll have to learn how to sell my spares.
[1Apr12] As with the Victoria Jubilee set below, I have bought a set of the Ed7 equivalents to initially fill the spaces and will gradually replace them with nicer stamps. The cost was £4.19: Gibbons doesn't list a set price.
Whan both Jubilee sets have arrived, I'll update the spreadsheet with acquisitions, Jubilees in orange.
[31Mar12] SG190 for 75p.
[30Mar12] I bought the spacefiller, non-NB SG156 for £10.38. I'm not sure why.
Not a great day at the auctions, bought an SG156 I didn't really want and failed to log a bid for a bargain spacefiller SG152 that I did. There's a 1/- SG150 finishing later which I'll try for.
Things are looking up, got the 1/- for £10.01.
1 2
[29Mar12] Bought and this entry posted from a Brighton campsite,
#1 SG188 on ebay, the only bid, for £1.99, 5% of cat.
#2 Victoria Jubilee set, used. The intention is to try and pick these up individually mint but to start with a full used set which sell for reasonable prices on ebay, this for £33.82, 9% of cat.
[26Mar12] SG97, 6d lilac with hypen, £6.50, 8% of cat.
[24Mar12] Nothing for a week, but a Bexley PS box arrived today, and there are some keenly priced items therein...
[25th] Most of the required commemoratives on my wants list for a few pounds, plus SG169 (thin, £12), SG215 (£1), and SG287 (£2),
[18Mar12] SG94 for £3.45, 6% of cat, SG35 for £6.75 (12%) and SG109 for £7.99 (10%).
1 2 3
[12Mar12] SG122a my first QV 6d, ebay £4.99. A heavy but clean cancellation at 10% cat. And then SG147 for £5.99. A good day for 6ds.

It seems clear that the best strategy is to look for stamps not specifying the NB initials in the description - in this condition, they tend to go for around 10% of cat, as compared to 25% when the seller states the initials.
10 Mar 12 ebay
SG166, 79p
and some Machin high values from June 1970, £2.63.
10 Mar 12
A fruitful hour at Orpington Stamp Fair today produced 88 Machins for £24.
9 Mar 12 From Michael Kay, £12.60 for five packs of Hawid clear mounts.
8 Mar 12 ebay
SG141, just about worth £5.99, around 10% of catalogue.
7 Mar 12, ebay
I plan to take this apart, discarding all the pages of pointless post-60s commemoratives, and use the remainder for a wants list.
5 Mar 12 ebay
1940 Centenary £1.50.
5 Mar 12 ebay
1958 Crowns Wmk Wildings £6.50.
3 Mar 12 ebay
SG157 for £1.99.
1 Mar 12 ebay
SG143, not a great stamp, but an NB picked up on ebay for £1.95 with a 2½d SG142 from the same seller for £1.43.
29 Feb 12 ebay
A nice used SG40 (SG17 substitute) NB on ebay for £7.60
27 Feb 12 ebay
Appropriately the first acquisition is the first stamp in the collection (as it will be organised), a bantam ½d for £12.49.
24 Feb12
At Stampex, a set of the pre-decimal machins for £1.50 and a couple of presentation packs at face value.


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