Philatelic Nudes list

I started a web page of philatelic nudes in around 2000 and gradually added to it as I came across new items.

In 2013 I found an American Topical Association publication of the 1960s, Philatelic Nudes, and intend on this page to gradually transcribe and update the list. I have an initial plan for the layout which might be refined over time. I have contacted ATA to ask whether the list has been maintained and will join that organisation if useful.

Guinness Book of Stamps

As noted on the parent page, In November 2013, I came across this book on the subject, published in 1966 by the American Topical Association. I will use it extensively in extending this collection and will start with a quote from its definition (one with which I do not wholly concur), "For the purpose of compiling this checklist, a 'nude' has been defined as a male or female figure wearing less than conventional attire. For example, a male swimmer (or boxer) wearing trunks has not been classified as a nude, while a male wearing nothing but a loin cloth has been included. A partially clad female figure such as 'Winged Victory' (Scott GB #274) has been included, likewise a female figure wearing a transparent gown, such as Von Kaulbach;s Genius appearing on the 1920 Bavaria issue (Scott Bavaria #251-254) has also been included."
In addition to querying the extent and context of nudity required to justify inclusion, as seen from the cover, the booklet also includes naked children and babies and this has not stood the test of time.
The booklet notes that, "There are some 1800 stamps depicting nudes in its design issued by 220 countries. Of these some 1400 are complete nudes, 340 are semi-nudes and 60 are partial nudes."

The key for the table is:
Strikeout = rejected on the criteria above
Red = too expensive, though I will trawl ebay for images in these cases
Green = gotit
The catalogue provides Scott numbers and I might add SGs where useful.

Country Stamps Notes
Aden 1949 Sc32, Sc34, Sc35 These are all Antigua surcharges (Sc100, Sc102, Sc103). The same stamps were surcharged in the same year for the Kathiri State of Seiyun and the Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla.
Aitutaki 1927 Sc36  
Antigua 1949 Sc100, Sc102, Sc103 The booklet notes that these three stamps "are used for UPU issues of most British colonies". All occurrances will just be referenced to Antigua. The list is:
Aden + States, Ascension, Bahamas, Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland Protectorate, Bermuda, British Guiana, British Honduras, British Solomon Islands, Brunei, Burma, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Dominica, Falkland Is + Dependencies, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Glbert and Ellice Is., Gold Coast, Grenada, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya and Uganda, Leeward Is., Malaya Federation plus numerous Malayan states, Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat,
Ascension See Antigua  
Australia 1934 Sc142-22, C4
1949 C6
Bahamas See Antigua  
Bahrain see GB all three
Barbados See Antigua  
Basutoland See Antigua UPU, plus
1959 Sc58
Bechuanaland Protectorate See Antigua UPU, plus
1961 Sc188, 190
Bermuda See Antigua UPU, plus
1953 Sc158
British Guiana See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1931 Sc206
1934 Sc211
1938 Sc233
1954 Sc256, Sc260
British Honduras See Antigua  
British Solomon Islands See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1939 Sc68
1956 Sc104
Brunei See Antigua  
Burma See Antigua UPU, plus
1943 Sc2N39
British Offices in Morocco see GB  
Canada 1928 C1
1930 C2, plus 1932 C4 surcharge
1935 C5, E61
Cape of Good Hope 1853 Sc1 and Sc2 similar designs for 1855 Sc3-6 and 1861 Sc7, Sc9
Cayman Islands See Antigua  
Cook Islands 1927 SC76
1949 Sc131, Sc137
Cyprus See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1964 Sc241-2, Sc247-8
Dominica See Antigua  
Egypt 1922 Sc116 plus similar designs and o/ps
1927 Sc150-52
1949 Sc273-76, B9
Eritrea see GB  
Falkland Islands and Dependencies See Antigua  
Fiji See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1938 Sc127 and Sc156
1951 Sc-B1
1959 Sc169
Fujeria 1964 Sc20  
Gambia 1953 Sc160, Sc163  
Ghana p.8 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1953 Sc44
Gibraltar p.8 See Antigua  
Gilbert and Ellice Islands p.8 See Antigua  
Gold Coast p.8 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1948 Sc133 and Sc155 (1952)
GB 1840 U1-4 (Mulready envelopes)
1948 Sc274
1949 Sc277
1951 Sc288
Mulreadies are identified as 'the first philatelic nudes'.
Sc274 and Sc288 were surcharged for use in Br Offices in Morocco (Sc98 Morocco Agencies and Sc530, Sc547, Sc558 overprinted 'Tangier'.)
Sc288 was surcharged for use in Eritrea (Sc33) and Tripolitania (Sc34).
All three for Bahrain, Sc67, Sc69, Sc80
Sc274, Sc277, Sc288 surcharged for Kuwait as Sc87, Sc90, Sc101
Muscat and Oman Sc30 (Sc274 surch) Sc32 (Sc277 surch)
country details
country details
country details
country details
country details
Grenada p.8 See Antigua  
Hong Kong p.8 See Antigua  
India p.8 1949 Sc208 also surch 1953, Sc-M45
1955 Sc259
1958 Sc325
1964 Sc382
Iraq p.8 1957 Sc172  
Jamaica p.8 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1900 Sc31, Sc33, Sc34, Sc45, Sc46
1906 Sc58 and Sc59 (similar, redrawn frame)
1919 Sc76 (and Sc89) Sc87 (and Sc100)
1938 Sc128 (similar to 1930)
1945 Sc133
1956 Sc172-174
Kenya and Uganda p.8 See Antigua  
Kuwait see GB all three
Leeward Is. p.8 See Antigua  
Malayan Federation etc. p.8 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1958 Sc906

Johore, UPU plus
1960 Sc158-159
UPU and the two Johore stamps also for Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Selangor, Trengganu.
Malta p.9 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1899 Sc18, Sc65 (1915), Sc76 (1922)
1926 Sc145, Sc164, Sc181
1938 Sc203, Sc220 (1947)
1957 Sc259, Sc262
1965 Sc339
Mauritius p.9 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1950 Sc242
1953 Sc258
Muscat and Oman p.9 see GB
Nepal p.9 1959 Sc105, Sc159-62  
Newfoundland p.9 1911 Sc114
New Hebrides, British Issues p.9 1953 Sc70-73, Sc74-76 also Sc-J14-15 post due
1957 Sc8-89, Sc90-92 also Sc-J19-20 post due
France also issued stamps for New Hebrides
New South Wales p.9 1897 Sc-B1  
New Zealand p.11 1920 Sc165
1932 Sc-B5
1940 Sc229 and Sc-O76
1947 Sc-B30
1958 Sc323
Nigeria p.11 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1936 Sc47
1964 Sc157
1965 Sc183
Niue p.11 1925 Sc43  
North Borneo p.11 See Antigua 1949 UPU, plus
1939 Sc200 and Sc215 (1945)
Northern Rhodesia p.11 See Antigua  
Nyasaland Proectorate p.11 See Antigua  
Pakistan p.11
See Antigua also overprinted for Official  
country p.n 19 Sc
19 Sc
country p.n 19 Sc
19 Sc
country p.n 19 Sc
19 Sc
country p.n 19 Sc
19 Sc
country p.n 19 Sc
19 Sc
Kathiri State of Seiyun see Aden  
Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla see Aden  
Tripolitania see GB  
United Nations 1951 Sc1, Sc6
1959 Sc73, Sc74
USA 1873 PR29, PR31, PR32
1893 Sc230
1895 PR111, PR113
1902 Sc300, Sc302, Sc308
1926 Sc628
1930 Sc683
1932 Sc719
1934 Sc739
1940 Sc895
1948 Sc979
1949 Sc-C42
1953 Sc1022
1961 Sc1187
1964 Sc1244
1965 Sc1262

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