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(29th May 2002)

This is a terrific cover. I must buy a copy with my next Amazon order.

The cover design is by John Gall.

I can do my own review now. De Stijl, at first listen, is rather of the shed-building school of music but did grow on me. It includes a curious narrative about PM dancing and the music contains jazz references. It is still in the car CD player after a week. Better than I expected. Review
And you thought De Stijl was just an art magazine? Louis Andriessen treats it as such, and more, in this animated journey around the ideas and Paris years of Piet Mondriaan. No need to undertake a crash course in art aesthetics: the music does it for you implicitly: the proportions are derived from a Mondriaan canvas, while the boogie-woogie bass underlines the artist's love of dance and the influence of jazz on his later paintings. There's a whole lot of structured repetition over the 26 minutes, and a crucial rhythmic twist near the end that caps the listening pleasure. Buy the disc as listed and you get the music from Peter Greenaway's film M is for Man, Music and Mozart--a typically non-conformist tribute for Mozart's fearsomely hyped bicentenary year (1991): enjoyable but rather aimless without the visual component. So maybe take the plunge and investigate the stagework De Materie, of which De Stijl forms Part 3. Its not easy listening, but it powerfully confirms Andriessen as a born theatre composer. --Richard Whitehouse
THE WASTE LAND read by P J Proby

April is the cruellest month...

Savoy shows once again its unparalleled eclecticism in the miscegenation of the artistic and the populist as the Bard of the Bank meets the Voice of the Swamp. T S Eliot's work of 1922 is the great monument of poetic Modernism, here given rich and varied life by P J Proby's vocalisations. As with the Lord Horror reading (the dark mirror of this disc), P J demonstrates that, where an actor might be more 'proper' in his overall presentation, a lifetime spent singing rock'n'roll gives the performance a presence which would otherwise be totally lacking. Here too is the opportunity to witness more of Proby's unique characterisations, especially in the pub conversation at the close of 'A Game of Chess'. Anyone balking at the American accent should remember that Eliot was, like P J, an American by birth, living in England. This recording should not be confused with the version of The Waste Land on the flip of Heroes. This is the complete, and immeasurably superior, work. Packaged in Mondrian homage graphics by John Coulthart for that extra touch of Modernity.

(8th May 2002)

This is an original 1964 copy of "John, Paul and All That Jazz" by Roger Webb and his trio, on UK Parlophone records, number PMC 123. It is a Mickie Most produced collection of jazz arrangements of Lennon and McCartney tunes, performed by keyboardist Roger Webb. The songs featured are side 1; All My Loving, Do You Want To Know A Secret, I'll Keep You Satisfied, Bad To Me, World Without Love, Can't Buy Me Love- side 2; She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, From Me To You, I Wanna Be Your Man, This Boy and Please Please Me. The whole thing is housed in a Piet Mondrian inspired sleeve which is a little bit scuffed and creased, but still very pretty.
(4th September 2001)

JIMMY WISNER TRIO: APER.SEPSHUN (APPERCEPTION). Chancellor Stereo CHJS-5014. (Chancellor Jazz Series). Record: VG+. Cover: VG+ . Back cover: VG-(greyish fade marks on back cover). Musicians include: Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Dave Levin, Ace Tesone. Produced by Peter De Angelis. Selections are: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Love Look Away, My Old Flame, Laura, Apperception, Baby Shoes, Timeless, I’ll Remember April, The Wind, Stella By Starlight. Great music. Front cover painting inspired by Piet Mondrian (Mondriaan), a Dutch painter and founder of the school of neoplasticism, which concentrates on horizontal and vertical lines.Text
no picture - keep looking
no picture - keep looking
(26th August 2002)

WIPERS "IS THIS REAL?" is the 1979 debut album for Portland's Wipers. Original Park Avenue label release, not the reissue, but the first pressing. Sleeve in great shape, disc is mint. Hear the genius of Greg Sage while looking at the beautiful Mondrian style sleeve.

no picture
(26th August 2002)

Badings Electronic music: Raajmakers philips
Very rare and early electronic music. This is the original philips release in hifi stereo. Has lovely mondrian print on cover .And lots of info on the gatefold . the cover is worn on the top , I think the condition is great. The record is very old I think it is from around 1958 ?! the record itself is in excellent to near mint condition.

Dec 2004 Thanks to Colin Sutton for the image and the following details:

Side 1 has:
Henk Badings' "Cappriccio for violin and two sound tracks" with Joke Vermeulen, violin,
Badings' "Genese" - Music for five audio frequency oscillators
Side 2 has
Badings' "Evolutions" - Ballet suite
Dick Raaijmakers' "Contrasts"




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