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This CD is a multimedia experience created by David Clark Little. Click here (when I find it) to email him for a copy (he takes PayPal). text o text
(28th September 2005)

Discovered on a listing from Australian radio.

Music Track - Female Nude
Music inspired by art; specifically a painting called ‘Female Nude’ by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. It’s composed by Andrew Ford (the same Andrew Ford who presents The Music Show on Radio National), and it’s part of a quartet of pieces all inspired by Mondrian paintings. It’s played by Kathleen Gallagher on amplified alto flute (bigger and deeper-toned than the normal concert flute) and it explores the many sound possibilities of this instrument.

Music Details:
TK 22-Female Nude
Performer: Kathleen Gallagher, amplified alto flute
CD Title: Harbour
Composer: Andrew Ford
Record Co & CD No: Tall Poppies TP128

The CD is available here.
The album contains a variety of pieces and the cover is not Mondrian-related.
(1st November 2001)

A special edition of the 1994 Vanguard released cd "Mondriaan and Music" by the Mondriaan String Quartet. Works by Cage, Xenakis and Feldman are performed. Playing time 62:05 minutes. Cd comes in a specially designed cover with book on Piet Mondriaan/Mondrian and his relation he had with music. 28 pages with Text in dutch and english by Kees Schippers and Roeland Hazendonk. Condition is "as new". A beautiful and highly collectable publication.
(1st Jan 2002)

MONDRIAAN (MONDRIAN) CD-I CD-ROM INTERACTIVE 1995 Information on all Mondriaan's life and work, the music that inspired him, you can even finish Mondriaan's last work: Victory Boogie Woogie!

Missed the end of the auction for this and got very cross.

(14th Sep 2002)
This seems to available in a new edition.

And jolly good it is too - rather dated, but worth a look. Don't believe the bit about finishing Victory Boogie Woogie.
text text
(13th Aug 2002)

Beschreibung / Titelliste / Kritik:
Mondrian "falling"
A1 - Original Club Mix
A2 - Original no speak Mix

B1 - Tyranno Club Remix
B2 - liquid crystal Remix
© DosOrDie Records
(13th Aug 2002)

BOTCH We are the Romans OOP NEW Converge
Track Listings 1. To Our Friends in the Great White North 2. Mondrian Was a Liar 3. Transitions from Persona to Object 4. Swimming the Channel Vs. Driving the Chunnel 5. C. Thomas Howell as the "Soul Man" 6. Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb 7. Frequency Ass Bandit 8. I Wanna Be a Sex Symbol on My Own Terms 9. Man the Ramparts 10. We Are the Romans New cd, NOT a promo copy, so no holes or punch marks.
(13th Aug 2002)

Big Band Renaissance Smithsonian Box Set
Disk 5, Track 13:
13. Congratulation Cigar -
The Willem Breuker Kollektief With The Mondriaan Strings




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