A Brush with Mondrian, Yvonne Louis

A Brush with Mondrian

Yvonne Louis, the author, saw my request below and my dedicated copy arrived today, 10th February 2012. The book is a thing of beauty and I will expand on this assessment when I have read it. Yvonne warned that, while it is available on Kindle, that edition does not include the illustrations.

[14th Feb] I have now had the chance to read it and it is fascinating. As the subtitle suggests, the book describes the author's search into her personal background and also those of some family heirlooms. Born in Amsterdam just after WW2, Yvonne's father emigrated to Australia in 1950, Yvonne and her mother following in 1953. The book first describes growing up and raising a family in Australia and then turns increasingly to reconnecting with The Netherlands. The family had been relatively wealthy in the 19th and early 20th centuries and, although this had dissipated by the time the book begins, there were a few paintings left which made the journey to Australia and their origins increasingly intrigued the author, resulting in repeated visits back to the Netherlands where she investigated the painters and their subjects while simultaneously rediscovering her family and heritage.

I'll not spoil the story by revealing the results, but the title gives a clear hint. Recommended reading. A244

There are a few important entries for Mondrian obsessives:

I have been waiting for this to be published in the UK since its release earlier this year, but there is no sign of it (other than as an e-book) and it has now been remaindered in Australia.

Booktopia have discounted it from $29.95 to $5.97 but charge a rather extravagant $32.50 to post it to London.

I'm hoping a fellow Mondrian fan from down under will notice this page and send a copy at sensible shipping rates. All expenses will be refunded. No longer required, see above, but you can still email me here .

Thanks, Nick

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