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(4th November 2001)
Mondrian House

A brilliant idea, but the associated site (something to do with a recording studio) went and came and has gone again, no it's back. This is what it once said (in Google translation),

yard Mondrian - art areas
The art area is a private old farm, in a small place between Cologne and Bonn. An enormous protected area, distant with cycle tracks, is five going minutes lakes and meadows. If the everyday life becomes too importunate, here the possibility for the abtauchen exists, switches off and fill up. The painter has a wonderful environment, the musician a digital Tonstudio the writer one Window view into all directions and the philosopher - peace
(7th September 2010)
and another

found here
(24th April 2012)
A garage seen in the Hook of Holland, from Homage contributor Maciej Krakowski.

(4th March 2002)
Mondrian Garden

I was very taken with this, the Chinn Garden, 1947, from garden architect Robert Royston. Details here.
(22nd Feb 2002)

from google images, link.
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Mondrian Kitchen

from The World of Interiors, July 1994

To Lynda [Trahair's] specifications, the brothers [Ray and Richard Andrews] created a massive cartridge paper screen as an almost exact copy of Mondrian's Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1925, which slides past the Georgian sash window to give an instant stained glass effect, even at night ... 'Mondrian is vulgarised all over the place,' laughs Lynda, pointing out a Mondrian clock from Parasol in Bristol, a Mondrian oven glove and apron from Rossiters kitchen shop in bath. Even her cigarette lighter boasts black-edged squares. Click the image to enlarge.

And a screen.
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(25 May 2002)

This is one of the tourist boats offering trips around Amsterdam.

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