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Text in italics is from the artist or seller, the rest is probably mine.

(20th July 2010)

Mondrian Brooch

emiko-o brooch made from repurposed lego, sterling silver, recycled steel back, nickel pinstem. 1.5"L x 1.25"W x 5/16"D.

This is my first encounter with the term repurposed. I like the brooch, albeit fully-priced at $35, and the concept and precision of repurposing is a delight.

It is on sale at Etsy, here's a link and this is the artist's web site.
(4th Mar 2002)

Mondrian Earrings

This design is based on Composition C: Composition with Yellow, Red, Blue-Gray and Blue-Black, from 1920. Piet lived a sparse and simple life, surrounded by friends and artist. He believed a perfect balance in line, form and color could influence the whole world and result in a better place. The earrings are porcelain, handpainted by Deborah Anderson. The scarf is 100% silk measuring 33" x 33". It is new, and in original packaging, and in perfect condition.

This was originally a MOMA catalogue purchase - not an easy set to find now.

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(23rd Nov 2002)

The next few items are from our Netherlands branch

I think the first pair is even better than the one above.

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(7th Dec 2001)

Mondrian Napier Deco Necklace

Napier was first founded in 1875 as Whitney and Rice and then within 10 years became the E.A. Bliss Co. Then, after World War 1 it became Napier Bliss Co., and in 1922 it became The Napier Co. The mark Napier in block has been used since 1922 till its sale in late 1980s and merchandise was marked Napier in script, the company was purchased by "Victoria & Co". The Napier Company was closed by Victoria & Co on 10-15-99. Nothing but excessive stock was last being sold by those dealers that were lucky enough to have it.
(24th Mar 2002)

I'll have to bid on this one.


Is this an example of Piet Mondrian's "pure plastic medium," or is it merely a piece from the side of the Partridge Family's bus? The great thing is- you don't have to decide. High art meets low art in this fabulous vintage 1970's Art Plastic necklace. It's truly high quality plastic, durably thick, shiny and interestingly sculpted. This is perfect for the "retro" look that livens up any outfit. This necklace is a real conversation starter. Sold as is, without a box. Sorry no refunds.
(29th Dec 2001)

Sunday Times Style magazine, 16th December, in an article on what to wear for Christmas parties included these in the 1960s chic section. They are referred to as Rubik's Cube earrings, £26, by Tatty Devine, 236 Brick Lane, E2; enquiries 020 7739 9009. But we all know what they are really.

(24th April 2002)

signed silver inlaid stone cufflinks
Broadway boogie-woogie...
Nice vintage sterling silver cuff links with inlaid stones in a Mondriaan-like pattern.

Too expensive - they wanted $25 shipping.
(2nd November 2001)

Mondrian Brooch

Designed by famous graphic designer Rod Dyer, this brooch is Mickey’s face shuffled around in a look that emulates the classic design done by Piet Mondrian. In great condition. Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 1 3/4”

These came and went on eBay at the end of May 2001, described as "3 Pins". I assume they are small badges. text
(8th March 2002)

Dichroic Glass Primary Pendant

This Beautiful Dichroic pendant features a geometric presentation of the primary colors, reminiscent of Mondrian's work.

I like this more every time I see it - I wish I had bought it now.
(6th Aug 2002)

This was described on eBay as a Mondrian brooch. Only just makes it in as an Artifact, but it is rather fine.

Brosche wie Piet Mondrian de Stijl / Bauhaus
Tolle Modeschmuckbreosche die stark an die Arbeiten von Piet Mondrian erinnert. Die Brosche stammt aber sicher aus den 70er Jahren. Sie ist aus einer schwarzen Kunststofftafel auf der ein Halbkreis und ein Quadrat geklebt worden sind. Anschliessend wurde sie coloriert. Die Nadelung ist hinten festgeklebt. Kleine Tragespuren an den Rändern. Länge 8,5 cm, Breite 3,1 cm


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