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Text in italics is from the artist or seller, the rest is probably mine.

(8th July 2002)

I'm not sure why it has taken so long for me to include my Mondrian light. Here it is in close up and showing the setting.
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(20th Oct 2002)

This is from my Dutch friend,
Pocket-light: made in 1994 by the tourist-office in The Hague where the big exhibition was.
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(20th Oct 2002)

A recent sale from eBay. Signed Mondrian Ceramic 60's Color Block Lamp
12 1/2 inch ceramic color block signed Mondrian ceramic lamp base on a 1" brass platform with brass top. Needs shade and shade holder (available everywhere) that goes in brackets on sides and around bulb. No flaws! The lamp duplicates the artist's style but the manufacturer was probably just using "artistic" license by creating a lamp in the "Mondrian style" and included a facsimile of his signature. I don't know how old it is or if it has been converted or what. It works great!
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(26th Jan 2002)

I would really like one or two of these, but they are too heavy and therefore too expensive to ship over from the States. Click here to contact the maker. They also come up on eBay. The second shot gives a good idea of the size.

What Piet Mondrian would have been making if he had a table saw instead of a paintbrush! Mondrian- syle pedestal lamp handcrafted by artist/woodworker in the USA. Made from recycled old-growth fir resurfaced and refinished in tasteful satin varnish, inset with colorful translucent polyethelene panels, in red, yellow, blue, white-clear, and opaque black. Three sides with a different complementary pattern on each side, back panel is mahogany veneered plywood. Vintage-looking tightgrained wood is lighter in color than it looks here (sorry about the cockeyed photo), sort of orangey-blond, and some nail marks are visible from its previous life as an old schoolroom floor. Looks understated when turned off, totally groovy when turned on. Powered by two standard 40w fluorescent bulbs (included, and also available at any home or hardware store), top comes off to provide easy access to change bulbs if that ever becomes necessary. On/off switch is mounted recessed on back panel. Power cord is about 11 feet long. This is the prototype of what I'm considering for a small production run, maybe ten or twenty pieces. I'm working on one right now with ebony-stained wood for a more original-Mondrian look. Oh yeah, dimensions: about 50" tall 14" x 14" at the base and top - so it's pretty darn big, weighs about 25-30 lbs. Make a great steady pedestal for your favorite marble bust or Ming vase.

(14th Oct 2011) While rewriting the page, it occurred to me that this would be a good project for my recently-found stained glass skills, using some of the long paintings. Watch this space
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(17th June 2001)

Mondrian Light Switch Cover/Switchplate
This one will spruce up your digs! Would also make a unique gift. Handcrafted from a recycled image and protected with an acrylic coating. Most are one of a kind!
(17th Oct 2001)

Here is an unusual pair of vintage hanging light fixtures that recall Mondrian paintings and the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, especially lighting he did for the Susan Lawrence Dana house. The panels are reverse painted glass and the frames brass, though the ceiling flanges are just plated. Generally good condition (need cleaning), except for some spots of tarnish on the plated parts and the loss of one of the 24 little screw-on square pins that form decorative accents. Not very noticeable but could be fitted with a painted wood or other look-alike replacement in a pinch. All glass and graphics in excellent shape. About a foot tall and 5" square excluding the 4" long square brass stems at the top.
(12th Nov 2001)

I have mislaid the text for this one, from Canada, but I have won the auction. I think I'll paint the white bits black (I didn't). Click here to see it in the collection.
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(20th April 2002)

Rare design Mondriaan wall telephone painting
This telephone is in good working order, it is an very rare and hard to find design. The Mondriaan painting is made out off cardboard, the frame is aluminium. The size is 18 1/4"x 25 1/4". There is a litle scratch in the yellow part as you can see in the pictures.
(12th Dec 2004)

Overall 29" tall including harp and finial. Lamp base alone, not including harp or shade, 6" diam. x 20" high. Shade alone approx. 16" diam. x 8".
Rare Mondrian-influenced lamp manufactured by Aladdin Industries, ca 1950.
Aladdin label inside socket housing.
The base is composed of brass, enameled steel, and colored cardboard panels on a wood disk. Welded construction. Wiring and all electrical components appear to be original. The shade is heavy, screen-printed paper.
Mint 100% original condition. No damage or repairs whatsoever and no signs of wear. The shade is pristine. Wiring and electrical components are sound and functional. Original bottom felt intact. These lamps are next to impossible to find in decent condition. The design is extremely delicate. This is the only example with shade intact I've ever seen.

From a recent eBay sale, it looks like the last word in Mondrian light fittings. The final sale price was $815.
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