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Text in italics is from the artist or seller, the rest is probably mine.

(11th Aug 2002)

Found on Google.
I have bought a plain one and will have a bash myself [never did get round to that].

(8th Dec 2002)

A paper handkerchief from my friend in Holland.
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(11th Aug 2002)

On eBay

1991 17th World Jamboree Nederland Mondriaan.

And another from eBay, June 2011, for the World Jamboree 1995.
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(4th November 2001)

Mondrian Tattoo

Where to put this? Overcoming initial revulsion, here is the first Mondrian tattoo I have encountered and a link to the source [now a dead link].
(21st Sep 2002)

It gets worse. Link

A couple of weeks after adding the picture, I surprised myself by adding the fig leaf. While I have always been an advocate of press freedom, I just don't enjoy seeing this chap's organs.


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