The Courtauld Gallery

16 February – 20 May 2012

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This is a small but exquisite exhibition. I knew I was going to enjoy the Mondrians, but I never rated Nicholson particularly highly: this changed my mind on BN.

The show has had brilliant reviews, I'll try to link a few here
Brian Sewell in the Evening Standard
Mark Hudson in the Telegraph
Adrian Hamilton in The Independent

Unsurprisingly, photography is not allowed in the gallery, but I will, in due course, show the works here. I did take a few snaps of Mondriana in the gift shop.


The Galley's café has entered into the spirit with a specially designed menu (both the document and the contents.

Courtaulds Cafe Courtaulds Cafe Courtaulds Cafe Courtaulds Cafe

I tried to get a Mondrian muffin, but they were not available. I'll try again.

Thanks to Marcio Morali and Paul Tubridy at the café for providing an image of the muffins. They advise that "we produce them on daily basis in a certain quantity but sometimes they go really quickly".

This is not the first, nor the greatest Mondrian cake ever made. At least one of those awards remains here.

We returned today and successfully experienced a Mondrian Muffin - moist and sweet [1].

I have not yet bought the exhibition catalogue [2], being a cheapskate, I'm hoping it will be cheaper when the show closes (I guess that, equally, the price might rise). When I get a copy I will show all the works on display, but I'll start with just the Mondrians.
1 text2


I believe these are the Mondrians on show (I should have taken better notes). There is one more week left and I'll try to get back for a fourth visit.

text text text text text text text text
1 B228 2 B237 3 B254 4 B261 5 B266 6 B272 7 B306 8 B292

Currently on a Dreamweaver course, I hope to get exhibition slideshows nailed down at last.

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