Mondrian Phonecards

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This is a rich vein, mostly, as one would expect, from the Netherlands, with one from France. I bought another set in May 2002 because it features the original display case (shown right). I never expected the cornucopia of Mondrian Goodies this revealed. I have given it a page of its own, here. text o
1 FL - ladies in Mondrian dresses, other side plain text o text
5 FL - not sure and Red Cloud 1907 text o text
10 FL - M's studio and Composition with Blue 1937 text o text
25 FL - M's NY studio and Victory Boogie Woogie 1943/44 text o text
I am told by my contact in the phonecard world that there is a $3 Mondrian card, but I have not yet seen a copy.

Here it is, at last (September 2001). disappointingly, it's just like the earlier FL 25 with different amounts on.
text o
And only today (8th June 2001), while reworking this page into tables, I learned of a new French Mondrian card. text text o
And another from the Netherlands. text o
(15th December 2002)

It turns out the card above is one of a set of four. Thanks to our Dutch branch again for the information and the scans, front and back.

There is also a presentation case for these.
text o text
(17th November 2002)

Here's the first new addition on this page for some time, thanks to my Dutch friend.
text o

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