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Text in italics is from the artist or seller, the rest is probably mine.

(8th Sep 2002)

A delightful "plush" from Cow Parade. They're cheaper to buy and to ship from the States than the ceramic ones and probably nicer.

See the ceramic ones here.
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is a dominoes-like game, beautifully made by TC Timber. No longer available.

(12th March 2002)

Here's another copy of the game, this one German, in beautiful condition and only cost a quarter of what I paid for the one above.

There is a full set of the rules here.
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(31st Oct 2002)

This looks brilliant, but is too expensive to buy at $120.

Naef 9414 Modulon Mondriaan Design Golden Mean Cube
Swiss Hand Made Naef 9414 Swiss Modulon Mondriaan Design Golden Mean Cube. Designed by Jo Niemeyer. Size is 11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm (4.55 x 4.55 x 4.55 inch). The Hand Made solid wooden Box with sliding lid contains 16 maple wooden blocks.
Modulon, a cube divided into the dimensions of the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is achieved with a geometric construction that has a divisor of approximately 0.618 (the shorter part of a line segment has the same relationship to the longer part as the longer part to the whole). Sixteen (16) building blocks of seven (7) different masses can be arranged to form many different proportions according to the Harmonic Principle. This set offers the possibility to create endless designs based on the Golden Mean principle …
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This is a small part of a 14x14 inch jigsaw of Broadway Boogie-Woogie. I think it unlikely that I will ever complete it.

14th October 2001

Another great find on eBay - this must be one of the most pointless jigsaws in the history of the medium. I wish I had it.

You are bidding on jigsaw puzzle with over 600 interlocking pieces. It is from the COMPOSITION WITH RED, BLUE AND YELLOW by Piet Mondrian. This puzzle was copyrighted in 1965 by the American Publishing Corp., Waltham, Mass. One corner of the box is torn. The paper is ripped where the box was sealed.. I noticed that some of the pieces are stained. None of these defects affect the difficulty or challenge of completing this puzzle.

I'm now working on it. There is a label on the box, "The manufacturer believes this puzzle is essentially impossible to complete. However, in the unlikely event it is assembled and proof is provided to the manufacturer, a Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to the individual and his name will be mounted in a special plaque in the manufacturer's archives."
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The Partridge Family Bus text o
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(4th November 2001)

From Google Images, I think this is from a Lego Museum, though the link is now dead. Although described as Mondrian Lego, it is rather more a van Doesberg.

A search when rewriting this page in 2011 results in many better examples, two of which are shown. The sources are here and here.

The second is based on B130, Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Grey and Blue, 1921, the third on B217 Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, 1930
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(29th May 2002)

These seem to be optional, downloadable extras for the Sims game, specified as a mixture of Mondrian and Partridge Family. Link here.
(4th November 2001)

from Google Images
This is a screen shot from Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic game. It is the cabin the player-character starts with.
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(24th June 2001)

These came up on eBay months ago but I took my time adding them to the page. It is a set of about 50 imitation baseball cards, each featuring a different artist. The three shown are Mondrian Picasso and Warhol. I don't know enough about the genre to assess how clever or funny it is.
(24th October 2001)

A boxed set of 36 full color trading cards, featuring artwork by world renowned painters such as Whistler, Degas, van Gogh, Cézanne, Mondrian, Monet, Rothko and many more. Still in original shrink sealed package, in perfect condition.
There are three Art board or card games (Fine Art, Modern Art and one other I have forgotten). I am trying to find out whether Mondrian features in any of these, without actually buying them first.
(2nd March 2002)

Mondrian Rocket

The site from which it came is no more.

The color scheme Loc/Precision chose is hideous, so I decided to go wild on this rocket and do it as modern art. I also had just found a new kind of Krylon paint: Brass metallic, which I wanted to try. If it isn't obvious, imagine an abstract painting (such as a Mondrian, a Dutch geometric painter) with the fins and nose as the picture frame. (OK, so it is a bit of a stretch.)
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(30th Nov 2001)

T-34 Mentor ARF built ready to fly electric

This is a World Model T-34 Mentor ARF. It is a 40 sized plane, built and ready to fly. Model comes with 3 servos installed (aileron, rudder/nose gear, elevator). I have converted this to electric power, but it can be set up for wet power if you wish.

Currently it has the motor/gearbox still installed. I will pull this out before shipping unless you are interested in purchasing the plane complete with power system. It has an Astro 25G (with new helical cut gears), and is set up for 14 -16 2000mah cells. The motor/gearbox sells for $160.00 new. I will sell it with the plane for an additional $120.00. It is in excellent condition. Auction is for plane w/servos only!

The plane sells for $139.00 new (without servos). I have added a custom covering job to set this plane apart from others, a la modern artist Piet Mondrian (or Partridge Family schoolbus). It also has upgraded wheels and a vent for cooling in the fuse behind the wing.

I have flown the plane about 10 times, and it flies beautifully. Stable but capable of most aerobatics. It has power to spare with the Astro motor. I hate to sell it, but I need money.
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Three kites found in 2001 and 2002.

This is the only remaining live link.

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Several dolls and accessories, again from 2001 and 2002. I don't much like any of them, but they keep turning up on ebay. The quotes are in the same sequence as the images.

(15th Jun 2002) You are bidding on the following items: the three commemorative outfits given to each attendee at the three main functions - Nancy Kella's "Groovy A Go Go" outfit (features black faux-snakeskin, lined jacket, Mondrian-inspired dress, white pantyhose and white boots), Brian York's "So Hip It Hurts!" outfit (includes lined, pink faux-fur jacket, dress and matching purse, white pantyhose, white boots, white bracelets and pink/orange bead necklace), Don Meindl's "Plumb Crazy" outfit (purple sleeveless coat & coordinating hat, purple jumpsuit, white earrings and blue platforms) - dolls modelling these outfits are not included!

(22nd Jul 2002) Better picture and better sales pitch on this one.
Straight from the 2002 Rocky Mountain Mod Convention in Denver! This is one great commemorative outfit for Barbie. Nancy Kella's "Groovy A Go Go". Nancy did not attend the convention but she made us the very cool fashion that includes, dress inspired by Yves St. Laurent "Mondrian" dress with an "Op Art" bottom that matches the lining of her coat which is made of python type leather. White stockings and white boots complete the look! MY STACEY DOLL IS ONLY MODELLING AND NOT INCLUDED. STAND IS NOT INCLUDED.

(30th July 2001) This is the Blond Mondrian Dress Takara Blythe replicas! She is very cute as much as Kenner Blythe doll. She has long and silky blond hair! I offer this doll to whom really wants her and takes good care of her. I accept only International POSTAL Money Order. Shipping is to be paid by buyer and will be calculated at the auction's close. Thank you for looking at my auction! NOTICE: Replica Blythe dolls by TAKARA don't bend knees from the beginning. But their eyes change 4 color from orange, blue, pink, green.
Can you believe this sold for $252? Madness. Sold from Japan. As sometimes happens, a visitor asked if I had one for sale - I asked why they are so expensive and (s)he replied,
Well they are about $100 dollars now. They are soo expensive because they are the replica's of the original Kenner Blythe dolls, Which were a limited addition made in 1972 because of defects in her bodies plastic I think. And for some reason she possesses people like me into paying a lot of money to have her. The original Blythe dolls have been auctioning off on eBay for around $500 dollars-some have been auctioned off for over $1000.00 dollars which I think is completely insane- but so is owning a credit card. But You can read all about her online. I particularly love her because of her anime-esque appearance and creepiness. Thanks for replying-and I actually found a blythe doll-so I'm not sad anymore.
Better picture added 8th May 2002. But it's still hideous.

(4th Jul 2002)Vogue Ginny -Miss 1960s -NRFB- No Reserve
MISS 1960s GINNY by Vogue Dolls - Retired - From the Ginny Century Collection Introduced in 1999.
This cute little 8 inch doll has shiny champagne blonde hair, sleep eyes, and nicely blushed cheeks. She has a poseable head, jointed arms, and jointed legs. Ginny is wearing a fully-lined, Piet Mondrian-inspired color block mini dress of red, white, yellow & black, along with a hip red hat, white tights, white leather go-go boots, and a "Miss 1960s" sash. She comes complete with brush, comb, doll stand, and wrist tag.
NRFB - Never Removed From Box. Hair net is still over her head, and all accessories are still sealed and attached. Vogue Stock No. 9HP160. She would be a lovely addition to a Ginny collection, and also displays well with larger fashion dolls.


(15th August 2001) Barbie's Mod Mondrian Case
The cover of this case has a few scratches but displays to a beautiful effect. There are breaks at the top and bottom of the cover fold. No breaks on the inside plastic form but there are imperfections in the doll compartment walls. Pockets and snaps are fine. Needs a detailed cleaning but a great example of a much desired Barbie case. A much better appearance than the flaws describe.
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