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Text in italics is from the artist or seller, the rest is probably mine.

Watches have proved one of the richest veins of Mondrian-inspired creativity.

(7th October 2001)

Found one at last, selling on eBay from Germany:

Collecting tank clock of WAW (World type Watch). AGAIN and PACKS - not a none times carried. Clock with motive for art. Piet Mondrian " Composition with blue ". The clock is water-rejecting and 1997 in Germany was manufactured. The clock carries the note " quality Product " and the Hersteler offers 1 year warranty (which ran however meanwhile). Importantly: The clock functions! Dispatch by post office. The buyer bears cost. Dispatch after receipt of the transfer.

(translated at that excellent resource Systran) text
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(17th Feb 2002)

This is another from the same series, found and lost on eBay.

(23rd Oct 2002)
Got one eventually.
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(10th Nov 2002)

Two from my Dutch colleague's collection, from the the same edition as the two above.

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(8th Dec 2002)

Another from my friend in Holland.

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(21st Jun 2002)

Here's a nice one, eBay again:

TIQ im Mondrian Stil Gebrauchsspuren, das Armand sollter erneuert werden, funktionstüchtig, Batterie leer siehe Foto zzgl. 2,50 EUR Porto und Verpackung bei Versand als Brief auf eigenes Risiko, auf Wunsch auch als Einschreiben.
To customs tracks, which lever and are more sollter renewed, functionally, battery see photo empty zzgl. 2.50 EUR postage and packing with dispatch as letter on own risk, when desired also as writings.
(inept translation via Systran)

(13th Jul 2002)
Now in stock. Ropey strap, but that is unimportant - the watch itself is a beaut.
Still looking for a Swatch.
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(26th Jul 2002)

Two more on eBay from Germany, now in stock

This pair is from the Tokai Art Club Limited Edition - one of those editions limited to as many as they can sell, I suspect. Jolly nice, all the same.

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I couldn't afford this one:

(26th August 2002)

Original Piet Mondrian Künstler-Designeruhr -Limited Edition-
Streng limitierte Auflage Seriennummer 1/2, Art Masters Collection Limitierung, die Nummer 1 von 666 Es wurden nur 50 Stück von 666 produziert Produktionsjahr: 1996 Buntes Design-Zifferblatt von Piet Mondrian Gehäuse aus Edelstahl, schwarz satiniert Durchmesser der Uhr: 34 mm (ohne Krone) Mondrian Signatur seitlich vom Gehäuse graviert Geriffelte, schwarze Krone Hochwertiges Seiko Quarz-Werk 5 ATM water resistant Stainless Steel back Made in Germany Breite der Bandanstösse: 18 mm Echtes Voll-Lederband in schwarz, antiallergisch Dornenschliesse
Edle Aufbewahrungsbox in creme-farbenen Samt Neu und ungetragen Rest siehe Bilder!
Ein unverzichtbares MUSS für jeden Sammler von Piet Mondrian
E-Bay Kosten werden selbstverständlich übernommen Lieferung im versicherten Paket durch UPS, plus 10,- Euro Ab 250,- Euro entfallen die Versandkosten
Viel Spass und Glück beim Bieten!!
Sie bieten hier auf die Nummer 1 der Serie!
(14th December 2004)

Swedish Hotel souvenir watch Piet Mondrian inspired
Hotel souvenir watch tank from Quality Hotel 11 Gothenburg Sweden (Choice Hotels Scandinavia).The Hotel 11 are situated in a former shipyard. The composition of the dial looks as it has been inspired by a Piet Mondrian painting. Ordinary figures on the clockface are replaced by the number 11 all over. The clockwork is marked "MIYOTA JAPAN NO JEWELS UNADJUSTED". The battery is replaced about two weeks ago. I think that this wristwatch was made in a limited edition approx 20 years ago. It is used and there are scratches and dings. But nothing you can't live with.
The Mondrian fountain pen is made by Acme. The case is nicely made but the working bits inside are rather cheap and nasty. This was, in fact, my first acquisition (year 2000) - before I realised I was collecting PM.

The second pen, a Sheaffer ballpen, came with a Mondrian Journal listed elsewhere. Jolly nice it is too, especially as I only paid $1 for both.
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(7th Feb 2001)

Found in Google Images
(23rd Nov 2002)

From the hotel of that name.
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(14th Feb 2002)

Sensa Pen...Mondrian Series
In recognition of the Artist "Piet Mondrian", Sensa offered a series called the Mondrian Collection. Production of this series stopped in June of 1998. Each Mondrian Pen features a "Logo Lens" based on his (Mondrians) "Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue". This is the (Silver with Candmium Yellow Style #04303), very hard to find, it would be a great addition for Sensa Pen fans & collectors. It's in MINT condition, never used (only stored), comes with original box & case (both mint).
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(2nd October 2001)

Not terribly impressed with these, but for the sake of completeness I will include them.

Piet Mondrian rare pen & pencil set by ACME
In developing the Mondrian Rollerball and Fountain pens that were on the market until recently, Acme did many experiments in color, style, and even different pen shapes. This is one of those different pen shapes. The thin black line design is the ballpoint pen and the thick black line design is the mechanical pencil. These were intended to be sold as a set, but never made it into production. Only 3 complete sets exist. This is one of those sets. Perfect working condition.

(20th April 2002)

Partridge Family Style Cell Phone!
Nokia 5165 cell phone originally used with AT&T Wireless (please check in your area for available service providers for this phone before bidding) given the complete Partridge Family treatment. You can be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind item!

-- One (1) Nokia 5165 cell phone in GREAT condition.
-- Custom, one-of-a-kind Partridge Family style Mondrian design faceplate with white keypad created by seller especially for this phone.






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