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[22nd May 2014] All the albums are now in stock and the task of expanding the pages is about to begin.
As noted on the main collection page, I have applied a number of filters to the collection, one of which is Wallpaper, rejecting stamps from countries which have produced them for philatelic sales rather than postal use. It is increasingly difficult not to apply this label to most countries, not least GB these days, nevertheless there are far more blatant cases where my Gibbons Simplified refuses to list the stamps. This means that my Lindner vol.1 will be almost empty as it includes Equitorial Guinea and Ajman. I have several of the stamps, gathered from accumulations, and might have to relent at some point.

[8th May 2014] This entry is being written a few days after the following paragraphs. I had not realised that there are actually NINE such albums and I have the ninth: that is why the selection appeared 'random'. I have a lead on acquiring the other eight, which should help in housing the collection. I will revert to the original intention of showing 10 Lidner pages per web page and continue to cross-reference between these and the main decade-oriented list.

[Earlier in May] I am starting this section too early, before completing the Deane [1] reprocessing, but that cannot be helped: the empty Lindner Philatelia Erotica album has been sitting on my shelf for three months and it's time to make some use of it.

As noted in the Sources, the album 'takes a fairly random walk through the genre' [but see above] with wordy (in German), sparsely-stamped pages, but I intend to document all the pages in this section. As a trial run, I will start with five (my first thought was ten) Lindner pages per web page with the stamps from each Lindner page shown in a single row. This is based on a survey of the first ten pages, each of which have between two and five items on them. On occasion this is a large miniature sheet or a piece of postal stationery and these will be shown on the 'back' of the main sheet (i.e. on a separate linked page).

A closer check reveals that there are around 51 pages in my album, though the quality control was clearly not great as I have one page of trains and another page duplicated: there may be some missing. No matter, it is a rather good selection. I was wondering where to store my collection and at least some can live in the Lindner. It has already drawn my attention to a lovely Mexico 1992 m/s selling for $85 on ebay but bought for $4.50 on Delcampe.

I have set up the first three pages in draft and will complete the detail on those before committing to the full ten pages. I will aim to cross reference to the main listing by adding links, for example and entry L3 in the PNP pages will link to this page and correspond to an entry in the third composite row below.

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