Lindner, wallpaper

Wallpaper State Pages
Ajman v.1 pp.55-61
Antigua-Barbuda v.1 pp.31-55
Bhutan v.2 pp.3-9
Equatorial Guinea v.1 pp.2-30
Fujeria v.2 pp.30-44
Grenada etc. v.2 pp.59-75
Guinea v.3 pp.1-11
Guyana v.3 pp.12-19
Liberia v.3 pp.23-32
Manama v.3 pp.33-57
Paraguay v.4 pp.17-66, v.5 pp.1-24
Redonda v.5 pp.28-29
St. Thomas & Prince Islands v.5 pp.31-48


[6th August 2014] Benin (previously Dahomey) put out a series of miniature sheets in 2003, ignored by both Gibbons and Scott. Either Lindner have not got round to the issues yet (there are a few Dahomeys in volume 2) or I am missing at least one volume. I have added a new section in anticipation of my finding out which is the case.

[7th June 2014] As noted on the main collection page, I have applied a number of filters to the collection, one of which is Wallpaper, rejecting stamps from countries which have produced them for philatelic sales rather than normal postal use. It is increasingly difficult not to apply this label to most countries, not least GB these days, nevertheless there are far more blatant cases where my Gibbons Simplified refuses to list the stamps. Several of nine the Lindner albums are mostly wallpaper and I have been struggling to decide how to treat them.

I have some wallpaper as many of them are plentiful, cheap and unavoidable: in addition, there is actually a little good material amongst the dross. Now I have a plan for dealing with it.

page written June 2014