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I'll keep some notes on progress here.

4 Aug 15 I have been trying to buy some of the stamps originally categorised as too expensive (TX), looking for inexpensive copies and short sets, This has been quite successful and I have managed to find:
31 Jul 15 I'm trying to update and sychronise the wants list.
  • The first stage is to check the collection pages against the Progress listings - that's complete to page 11, 1940. P12 1st Aug. P13 5th Aug. P14 10th Aug. P15 11th Aug. P16 12th Aug - ready for step 2.
  • Then compare Progress to the Wants list.
  • Next compare the wants list (and the rejects and the collection) to the ATA list. Realistically, this stage will not happen for some time.
  • The last stage is to head for a stamp fair with the list. September is probably the next chance and will probably happen before #3.
13 Jul 15 The August Stamp Mag has a promising addition, Finland 2013, "snarling cat and naked fat man on a bicycle".
July SGMag has nothing. Same for August.
21 Jun 15 Working on Page 15, 1980 Progress..
8 Jun 15 There's a nude listed in the new Stamp Mag. Perhaps order has been restored.
8 Apr 15 Some pleasing finds in the last few days:
  • A Brazil m/s Sc1222 cataloguing at $75 for £8, albeit with imperfect gum.
  • A couple of attractive FDCs for £1 each (UK so inexpensive postage).
  • 14 new items for €24 from a Delcampe dealer, Hanmart Bout De Beul.
  • A job lot of Ajman nudes for £3, most already known, but has to be worth a punt.
Hanmart, detecting my motivation, kindly posted the envelope with nude stamps:
3 Apr 15 I have caught up with the twenty-or-so stamps that had been waiting for attention. I need to update the wants list, get to another stamp fair, and carry on with the progress page.

Having noted in the last entry that Stamp Mag is failing to identify new issues, the April edition of SGMag has a few listed:
  • Palau 2012 SG MS2506-7, Sistine Chapel
  • Montenegro 2008 SG M248b, Heritage
  • Monaco 2001 SG3006 Spaceflight
  • Monaco 2012 SG3060 Manet
  • Belgium MS4576 anatommical drawings
I have written to the ATA asking how to go about setting up a Nudes Study Unit. I'll see if is available - [4Apr] got it.
9 Mar 15 I check Stamp Magazine's new issues listing every month and that includes a listing by topic. They used to include nudes in the list but there has been nothing for the last three or four months. Looking at the images they show this month, there are two obvious nudes (Austria and Cocos Islands) but, again, nothing in the list by topic. I'll ask them whether they have had a change of policy.
4 Mar 15 There's a good source of information and, possibly, stamps at Stamps &
9 Feb 15 Progress has been logged up to Page 12, 1950.
I hope to get to the Strand fair this week for the second half of the list I first attended with In November 14.
I might manage to log Page 13, 1960 before going.
18 Jan 15 I have caught up with the backlog, but there is another backlog of orders on the way. Some work to be done in checking the recent purchases against the Progress log and the wants list, then I'll probably try to log 1940.
5 Jan 15 Progress has now been logged up to the 1930s. The list for this decade is quite long and so approach this might not be carried on, although it is a good way of noting the early blanks.
Strand this week but unlikely to attend. There is a fair accumulation of new material that will probably take up the next few weeks.
When the progress logging is complete, I might go back to the pages and edit the Deane lists to just leave the rejects.
21 Dec 14 I missed the December Strand. Progress continues through ebay and Delcampe and I have started to reconsider the opening pages (1840-1900) with the intention of finishing them off, i.e. getting all the stamps (or TX substitutes), adding SG numbers, writing any necessary supporting notes and starting other embelishments such as the TX topicoid.
(23Dec) The progress for the 1840s-1900s pages is now on a separate page.
30 Nov 14 A fruitful visit to the November Strand brought around 40 new stamps and I have nearly finished adding these to the pages. I managed to get from A-L on major countries (not colonies) in the day and will try for the the rest of the alphabet at the December show.
24 Oct 14 All the interpage arrows are now complete. Now the last few years of the catalogue.
17 Oct 14 All the images have now been uploaded apart from the wallpaper (Ajman, Congo, EquGui Fuj & StTPI) and there are numerous unknown Paraguayans: neither wallpaper nor Para are much of a priority.
Now back to the inter-page links (carrying on from the 1960s) and then the final catalogue for the first half of the 2000s.
At some point I will have to add all the SG numbers but that is a stultifyingly tedious task.
27 Sep 14 The processing of the backlog of images is at last complete. Twenty-seven A4 pages of stamps yielding more than two hundred images of stamps and m/s. Around twenty-five unidentified: twenty of those from Panama, as might be expected. I'll upload as many as I can before disappearing, in a few days, to the Czech Republic for a week.
22 Sep 14 Missed Stampex too, but nevertheless have many pages of new arrivals to process. I have been working on the links and these are complete for the countries that issued up to the 1950s: it is a laborious task, but makes searches much easier. I should scan the backlog and start adding those.
15 Aug 14 Secondary catchup complete. Now the 1990s, page 16.
It is unlikely that I will get to Strand next month, but I might make Stampex.
10 Aug 14 I have caught up with the new arrivals mentioned on 1st August, but quite a few more have arrived since and so the task will continue.
Regarding the 4th Aug entry, I might call these topicoids and/or gatherings.
4 Aug 14 I have been giving some thought to gathering groups of stamps by subject or category. This was started a few months ago with UPU items but that is rather a tedious subject. Other possibilities are:
  • treatments of breast cancer and breast feeding (considered below on the grounds of taste and correctness);
  • particular paintings featured repeatedly;
  • perhaps Treatments of the Discus (a subject abandoned in the 1980s, shown to justify that decision);
  • all the items categorised as TX, too expensive, for which borrowed images are allowed;
In addition, I have always envisaged linking each country's stamps from one decade to another and then links between regular and Lindner entries: these will be done when the initial research listing is complete.
1 Aug 14 Page 15 has now been updated with all the entries from the wants list. Next to catch up on loading images from the new stock.
28 Jul 14 The wants list has been updated with most of the SG numbers (my 2005 catalogue ignores most miniature sheets). Upcoming Strands are 1st August and 5th September. There's a fair amount of new stock to catch up with, albeit much of it wallpaper.
20 Jul 14 The 1980s list has been annotated. Add the SG numbers for the wanted stamps next.
25 Jun 14 I have at last finished processing the Strand acquisitions, filling a lot of gaps in the 1950s and 60s. While doing so a fair amount of new material has arrived, so that will be scanned and processed [done 30th June]; then on with the Lindner pages [completed 4th July]; then back to the ATA lists, analysing the 1970s [completed 7th July].
13 Jun 14 A very successful day at the Strand: 115 stamps for £50, and that includes one £10 Dahomey item. With selective accounting concepts the stamps were effectively free as I would have spent at least £50 on postage if I had bought them piecemeal on ebay and Delcampe.
First signs from the microscope (right) are very positive.
12 Jun 14 Slow progress on 1970 as I have been distracted by the Lindner pages. The wants list is up to date for a Strand stamp fair tomorrow. And I have a USB microscope to play with.
30 May 14 1960s page complete, 1970 next. The wantslist has been updated but I will wait until all the decades are complete before adding the SG numbers.
27 May 14 Lindner comments below.
I have started processing the two ATA lists, concentrating first on the original Cartier list and integrating this with Deane and my own collection. The 1960s are currently being dealt with.
21 May 14 Summary of the current position:
  • I have completed the reanalysis of Deane [1]'s original list, applying my personal and sometimes subjective filters, listed on the first page.
  • I have created the initial listing by decades, including the annotated Deane list for each and using this to build the entries which are now being gradually filled. For years after 1960 the process is reversed, finding stamps and creating a list from them.
  • The ATA has a spreadsheet by Karen Cartier which takes the list up to October 2005 and this is about to be released in a new format. With the new release, I will try to build the two listings together.
  • The wants list is complete up to 1965 and I have now added most of the SG numbers.
  • I have bought nine Lindner Philatelia Erotica albums and intend to develop these as separate pages providing an alternative slicethrough the subject (and somewhere to store the collection). I intend (at least for now) to apply my WallPaper filter to the Lindners, which means that vol. 1 (containing Equatorial Guinea and Ajman) will be almost empty.
  • I have an index of sorts, based on the Deane listing, but I'm not sure how that will develop.
21 May 14 I am inclined towards a new filter, or perhaps a new categorisation. The PI 'politically incorrect' filter is used largely to reject images of naked babies and children: it is, perhaps right that the stamps should be listed, but I am uncomfortable about showing the images on the pages. I have a similar, though less strident, disinclination to show stamps relating to breast feeding and breast cancer charities: their subjects inevitably result in the production of Nude Stamps, but it seems somehow inappropriate to undermine the seriousness of the subject by treating them in the same way as statues or the Bil-Bol poster. I'll leave this on the back burner for now.
21 May 14 The current big thing is building all the Lindner pages: that states today and I might keep a log in this box.
  • [27 May] I have processed vols 1 and 2. I am finding the Lindners something of a disappointment: They contain, perhaps inevitably, a lot of wallpaper and do not go back terribly far in terms of dates. I expect they will provide a lot of suggestions for good material, but their underlying ethos has so-far eluded me.


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