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There are some significant standard designs in the decade from France and Spain. Three US designs are expensive in this release but more affordable in the 1890s.

Date Country Images Notes
Cuba Sc62 SG59 Sc62 as Spain and Philippines
[1876] 1877 France
SG243 Sc86
Peace and Commerce
This is France common design type F1.
added April 2014
1873 Spain
SG215 Sc199
added March 2014

The Sc199 4 peseta is a rather expensive member of the set and so this is either fake or misidentified.
1873 USA
USA SG-N226, ScPR31
added Dec 14
TX - See note 1

1. The USA had two phases of Newspaper stamps, from 1865 the enormous 5c, 10c and 25c issues and from 1880 to 1897 around a dozen similar designs of classical ladies or ladies in classical poses with variations in paper, size and printer through the period. From the classical group, three are classified are nudes (PR29, Peace; PR31, Hebe; and PR32, Indian Maiden (SG-N224, 226, 227). The early issues are all expensive but two of the three are affordable from later versions. Thus Peace and Indian Maiden are shown on the 1890s page, but Hebe remains TX and can only be shown in an image copied from ebay.
The Hebe design lists as PR31 ($6,250/$1,150), PR55 (unpriced), PR78 ($900, $390). At the time of writing (21Dec14), ebay prices for a PR78 range from $127 to $479. The PR31 shown above was selling on ebay for $5,500.

Entry Country Region Year SG Sc Cat m/u PN page status comments
244 Cuba Americas 1871 50-53 13 also Sc58-62
412 France Eur 1876 64-76 21 Peace and Commerce, also Sc77-108 (1877-1900)
448 French Colonies FrCol 1877 24-45 22 JR as France
683 Philippines SpCol 1874 48-51 33 JR as Cuba
762 Spain Eur 1873 191-200 36
1 USA USA 1873 PR29 4 TX Peace, also PR53, PR76 (1879). See USA 1895
2 USA USA 1873 PS31 4 TX Hebe, also PR55, PR78 (1879)
3 USA USA 1873 PR32 4 TX Indian Maiden, also PR56, PR79 (1879) same. See USA 1895

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