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Overleaf - Checklist for 2010s

Date Country Images Notes
2012 Åland Islands
Ala SG Sc
Added Sep 15
2011 Albania
Nudes in Albanian figurative art.
added June 2014

The third piece also appears in a miniature sheet, shown overleaf.
2011 Austria
Personalised stamps showing nude photographs by Andreas H. Bitesnich from a personalised book.
added Feb 15
2013 Austria SG Sc
Richard Gerstl semi-nude self portrait.
added May 14
2014 Austria Oz SG3306 Sc
Young Art in Austria: Gelatin
added March 2015
2013, 14 Belgium
Bel SG Sc4323/4332? Mi 4369-4378
Theo Van Rysselberghe

added Nov 14

m/s shown overleaf
2014 Belgium   SG MS4576Sc
Andreas Vesalius

Joint issue with Portugal
2013 Canada
from a set of four album covers from Canadian bands
added May 2014
2014 Canada Can SG Sc
Royal Ontario Museum
added Jan 15
included for the m/s border, shown overleaf.
2014 Cocos Islands Coc SG Sc

added Mar 15
2012, 13, 14 Czechoslovakia
Cze Cze
Cze Cze
2012 SG Sc
m/s overleaf.
added Jan 15

2013 SG Sc
fdcs overleaf.
added Jan 15

2014 SG Sc
m/s overleaf.
added Jan 15

The five stamps added in January 2015 were all from the same Delcampe seller and most were described as "specimen": I'm not sure what that means in this context.
2014 Czechoslovakia Cze SG Sc

added Mar 15
2010, 13 Denmark
Den SG Sc
Album Cover, Gasolin 3
added Oct 2014, see note 1.

SG Sc, detail
Centenary of the Little Mermaid
added June 2014

The full m/s is shown overleaf.
2012 Finland
Fin Fin SG Sc,
Celebrating Finnish design. Stamp Mag describes this as "snarling cat and naked fat man on a bicycle". It is less interesting than it sounds, except that he seems to have four buttocks.
Added Sep 15

see fdc overleaf.
2014 Finland Fin SG Sc, detail
Finland's mildly controversial m/s featuring the homo-erotic art of Tuoko Laaksonen
added Oct 2014

see full m/s shown overleaf.
2014 France
Fra SG Sc
Renaissance art (1 of a set of 12)
added Sep 15

Maillol and Bourdelle
2014 France SG Sc, detail
France has issued a series of these sheets, celebrating the architecture of European capitals with stamps showing buildings and the surrounding miniature sheet showing nude images. I have rejected some as ID, but cannot resist this one for Vienna, featuring Klimt.
added June 2014

The full m/s is shown overleaf.
2014 France Fr Fr French stamp club, Société Philatélique et Cartophile de Besançon tried to celebrate Courbet's explicit The Origins of the World with a personalised stamp. The French postal authorities refused to print their controversial design and so the club settled for an image of Courbet painting the work and produced commemorative cards, covers and cancellations. The stamp and cancellation are shown here, the cards overleaf.
2011 Germany
Ger SG Sc
Cartoons by Loriot
added Apr 15
2010 Guinea-Bissau
GuiB SG Sc
added Oct 14
2011 Hungary
o SG Sc
added May 2014
2013 Hungary o SG Sc
added May 2014
2012 Iceland
  SG Sc
Nína Sæmundsson, Móðurásl
2000 Kazakhstan   SG-MS283 Sc
International Children's Day
2001, 12 Monaco
  2001 SG3006 Sc

2012 SG3060 Sc
2013 Monaco Mon SG Sc
Olympia, Manet
added Jul 15
2014 Monaco Mon SG3115-6 Sc
added Apr 15
2015 Monaco Mon SG Sc
La Nymph Salmacis, François Joseph Bosio
added Sep 15
2008 Montenegro   SG-M248b Sc
2011 Netherlands
Neth 2011 SG Sc
50th anniv of the Dutch band Golden Earring. The image is the 1973 album cover of Moontan.
added Feb 15
2010 Norway
Nor SG Sc5
added Apr 15

Joint issue with Belgium
2012 Palau   SG Sc
Sistine chapel
2014 Portugal
Por SG Sc
Andreas Vesalius 500th anniversary
added Oct 2014

The full m/s, SG-MS4141, is shown overleaf.
2012 Slovakia
Slo SG Sc
added Apr 15

fdc overleaf
2014 Thailand

no links
Thai SG Sc
added Apr 15
2014 Uruguay
Uru SG Sc
added Apr 15

Stamp Magazine has a monthly listing of 'new issues' including an index by subject.

Magazine Issue Country Stamp Issue Date Format Notes Acquired Borrowed image
Oct13 none          
Nov13 none          
Dec13 France 15 Mar 2013 four 63c stamps the four stamps depict buildings, but the m/s border includes an image of Goya's Maja (see 1930s). Thus NN. pass
Dec13 GB 19 Sep 2013 smilers sheet Pointless and overpriced pass
Jan14 none          
Feb14 Austria 21 Jun 2013 62c stamp Richard Gerstl semi-nude self portrait. Damn, I was in Austria a week ago (Apr2014) and saw this on sale in the Salzburg main post office: it was a quiet day and one of the counter staff tried to sell me some of the commemoratives on display. So it goes. 12Apr14 Delcampe €0.83  
Feb14 Denmark 27 May 2013 14.50kr sheets of 36 and 14.50kr m/s Centenary of the Little Mermaid  
Mar14 Canada 19 Jul 2013 multiple formats Album covers - there are four, 63c Rush shows a male nude 12Apr14 ebay $2  
Apr14 Hungary 7 Jul 2013 240Ft stamp Budapest Spas. The Gellért Spa stamp includes a statue of a water nymph. There is also a 2011 spas set.    
May14 Antigua & Barbuda 20 Feb 2013 $3.23 stamps Raphael paintings. These could come under the wallpaper reject category - we'll see.  
Jun14 none     But there is a report that "Finland's 'gay porn' stamps cause worlwide storm". The miniature sheet, due for release on 6th September features the work of Tuoko Laaksonen.  
Jul14       Three reported but none particularly exciting and from Gibbons, Spain's Christmas issue, Mary feeding Jesus    
Jul14 Bosnia & Herzegovina 10 Jul 2012 8 stamps and 1 label London Olympics, ancient Greek athlete images    
Jul14 Latvia 28 Feb 2014 3 stamps The 78c stamp shows a nude male statue  
Jul14 Monaco 17 Jul 2012 €1.35 A messy stamp with bits of ondon and Olmpics and the ubiquitous discus. Rejected as ID. Image from ebay  
Jul14 Spain Nov 2013 SG4806 Christmas Issue, Mary feeding Jesus. Possibly PI. Image from ebay  
Aug-Oct 14 none     No entries in the thematics pages, but a piece on Courbet's explicit The Origins of the World that the French postal service refused to feature on a personalised stamp. Details to follow   Courbet

1.The Gasolin 3 album cover on the Denmark 2010 issue is not a nude, other by implication, but merits inclusion. The colouration on the stamp shown leaves something to be desired and this would appear to be a common problem.

Source Country Region Date Year SG Sc Cat m/u reference status comments
Iceland Post 2014 newsletter Iceland Eur 1 Nov 2012      

Meaning got it insignificant detail just a repeat not a nude politically incorrect too expensive wallpaper on the wantslist

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