1. My first reference is the publication which started this rewrite, Philatelic Nudes by Frank Putnam Deane, published in 1966 by the American Topical Association, 2nd edition.
  2. The second, acquired but not yet used, is a Lindner album, ambitiously entitled Philatelia Erotica that takes a fairly random walk through the genre, organised by country. They are being documented here. [It turned out that I had only one of nine volumes - I have the set now and they are being used as an alernative organisation scheme and for storage of the collection.]
  3. The American Topical Association has a list that was maintained until October 2005 and this is due out in a new format in Spring 2014 (i.e. now). My inclination is to finish off the Deane rework and then incorporate the two versions of the ATA checklist. [27 May 2014] Work has now started on the old format list (as that is less technically constrained than the newer one), compiled by Karen Cartier.
  4. Stamp Magazine has a monthly listing of 'new issues' including an index by subject. I subscribe to SM and have the last four issues to hand and so will start a new table on the 201x page.


21 Apr 14 Default sizes for downloaded images
Where as stamp is categorised as TX (too expensive), an image will be shown from an online source (usually ebay). As the sizes of the actual stamps will not be known, defaults will be used for definitive and commemorative types:
definitive: file max 300 long, display 150 long
commemorative: file max 600 long, display 300 long.


ATA American Topical Association
BTA British Thematic Association
TCI Thematic Club International


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