Design Types


There are many repeats of designs, particularly across colonies. They are identified, labelled and shown here then shown only once (or so) in the display pages. The catalogues often choose the first use alphabetically, for example, the many French colony issues of the Peace and commerce stamp (known here as F2) all reference Anjouan, the first French colony in the alphabet.

Country / Group 1 2 3
France - Type F
  F1 -Peace and Commerce, standing up F2 - Navigation and Commerce, sitting down, as used in Anjouan and many other colonial issues F3 - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,
GB Colonies - Type G
G1 -Mercury G2 -Mercury G3 -UPU momument
1931 French Colonial Exposition Issue - Type C
C1 -People of the French Empire C2 -France showing the way to civilisation C3 -Colonial Commerce
1937 Colonial Arts Exposition, Paris - Type C  
C4 -Colonial Resources C5 -Colonial Resources  
D1 -Dr. Noel Eugéne Ballay X2 -desc, text X3 -desc, text
Country - X      
X1 -desc, text X2 -desc, text X3 -desc, text


  1. France common types - these three designs have appeared hundreds of times for the French Colonies.
  2. GB colonies UPU - this was an issue of four stamps, three of which appear in Deane's list [1]. In my view, they do not qualify as nudes but, as they form a significant faction of the list, they have been included. They are on page 11 and there are around 66 issues in addition to Antigua.

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