The starting point for this page was finding Finland's 1985 booklet of stamps commemorating their banknotes, one of which (the 1922, see below) portrays nude figures. That particular banknote is rather expensive (my limit here will be around £5, perhaps occasionally £10) but I will happily include images from ebay for those I do not afford. see note 1

My initial intention is to show the notes in date order and probably to link the stamps to the notes through the index. Stamps are scanned at 300dpi and shown half size. I will begin on that basis and reconsider if it does not work: the sizing of not-owned notes (the expensive ones) will be decided later. In all cases, where the other side of the note does not include a nude, that will probably be shown at reduced size, if at all.

I have ordered several catalogues, rather old editions selling for around £10 each. These will be used for spotting material and (hopefully) finding the sizes of the notes I have not bought.

Details Images Notes
size mm w/h
Germany 1921
50 Pf
Notgeld Hildburghausen
Ger size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £2
Finland 1922 (26)
50 Markkaa
FinFin size

ebay Nov 14 AU$55 (£30)
  The two images shown from the note I bought are a straight scan and one lightened in Photoshop. The note is surprisingly large. According to WPM, there are four designs for the 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Markkaa notes. They were subject to slight design variations in issues from 1922-1945.  
Finland 1922
100, 500 and 1000 Markkaa
FinFinFin TX
The three other denominations sell at prices starting around €70, €150 and €200. One of the four notes is enough for me.
Images from Delcampe. The sizes will be adjusted when I have the necessary information.
Albania 1945 100 Franga Alb TX
selling on ebay for $125
Martinique 1947
Mart TX
selling on ebay for AU$410 (£225)
added Nov 15
  Standish draws attention to this note in his chapter on Topless Money, noting that it was overprinted in 1960 for use in 'Saint Pierre et Miquelon, the 'topless native belle' thus appearing on a note for 'two small, chilly islands just off Newfoundland'.  
Czechoslovakia 1931
100 Korun
Cze Cze Sold on ebay for $23.39
Brazil 1960(ish)
5 Cruzeiros
Bra size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 $1
Argentina 1985
100 Australes
Arg size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £1
Cook Islands 1987
Coo size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £8

This note appears in Standish.
Guinea Bissau 1990
50 Pesos
GuiB size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £1
France 1993
100 fr
Fra size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £4

This note appears in Standish
Uruguay 2003
20 pesos
Uru size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £2
Cyprus 2004 TX
selling on ebay for AU$220 (£121)
added Nov 15
Solomon Islands 2011
Sol size
Bought on ebay 2014 £4
Nigeria 2013
10 Naira
Nig size
Bought on ebay Nov 14 £1


  1. I happened to start this page on my 60th birthday and so made an immediate exception to the budget limits by paying £30 for a Finland 1922 as a present to myself: the others in the set sell for a lot more and so are unlikely to be acquired.

In the text above, the books are abrreviated as WPM (the volume being apparent from the year of issue); Standish and .

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  2. World Paper Money, Modern Issues 1961-Present 16th edn. (2010), Cuhaj, GS (editor) , Krause Publications
  3. The Art of Money (2000), Standish, D , Chronicle Books
  4. Collecting Paper Money (1986), Narberth, C, Seaby


page started November 2014