I have most of the stamps but my efforts are directed towards First Issues at the moment and so updates to this section will have to wait.

Egypt has produced some of the most appealing and attractive stamps the world has seen. From the early primitivist and symbolic Sphinx and Pyramid series, first released in 1867, through the delightful classic and cartoon-like quality of the 1929 Special Delivery issue, to what must be one of the most striking stamps ever produced, the 1953 EŁ1 definitive.

These pages will contain all the Egyptian stamps which I manage to collect, plus images borrowed from elsewhere of stamps I cannot (or will not) afford. Those I do not own are marked o.

I have divided the collection up into three sections, Egypt 1866-1958, UAR 1958-1971 and A.R. Egypt 1971 onwards. See note 1 below on sources.







AR Egypt

1971 onwards

Pre 1900   1958-1959      
1900-1922   1960-1961      
1923-1926   1963-1963      

Airmail and Special Delivery

  UAR Airmail      

Formerly a kingdom of north east Africa, Turkish until 1914, when it became a British Protectorate. Independent from 1922, a republic from 1953. In 1958 the United Arab Republic was formed, comprising Egypt and Syria, but separate stamps continued to be issued for each territory as they had different currencies. In 1961 Syria became an independent Arab republic and left the U.A.R. but the title was retained by Egypt until a new federation was formed with Libya and Syria in 1971, when the country's name was changed to Arab Republic of Egypt. [2] For a more extensive history see here.

The kings and presidents of Egypt have been: King Fuad (1922), King Farouk (1937),
President Naguib (1953), President Nasser (1954), President Sadat (1970),  President Mubarak (1981).

1. My main source for the listings is Stanley Gibbons Simplified World catalogue. This does not distinguish between perforation and watermark variations, an approach which I regard as admirable: if two stamps look the same and can only be told apart through normally invisible features, then I only want one of them. I also have the Scott Classic Specialised catalogue, from which I will add Scott numbers up to 1940. More recently I bought a copy of the remarkably good Balain Stamps of Egypt, but this arrived too late to include catalogue numbers. I prefer SG's selection criteria but Scott's numbering system.
(Mar '03) I have managed to get hold of a copy of Scott's 3 volume Standard Catalogue, 1976 edn.  through the outstanding services of Alibris and so can now add all the Scott numbers.

2. Adapted from Stanley Gibbons Simplified Catalogue, Stamps of the World, Vol. 1, Countries A-F, 2001 edn.


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