First Issues - Saar

Saar is a fascinating postal entity. It only existed, in postal terms, and most other senses between 1920 and 1959. Originally part of Germany, France occupied it in 1920

(under the auspices of the League of Nations). In 1935, following a plebiscite, Saar returned to Germany. 1945 began another period of French occupation, then  autonomy under French protection and in 1956, following a national referendum it again  returned  to Germany. In 1959 Saar issued its last stamp and thereafter used normal West German stamps.

At the time of writing (May 2003) I do not actually have Saar #1 (though they only cost a few pence), but I have borrowed an image from eBay and can make a start with the first issues in Saar's various guises. For  more details of their stamps, see my Saar pages.

Date Notes Value M/U
£ 2001
1 1 1920 1920: French Occupation


2 pf grey

Overprint of German stamp




155 203 1947 1947: French Occupation


2 pf grey





262 376 1957 1957: German Administration


15 f Arms of Saar




322 445 1959 The last Saar stamp

15 f blue
Death Centenary of Alexander von Humboldt (naturalist)

a rather disappointing end




C1 126 1928 Airmail

50 c red
Breguet biplane over Saarbrüken




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