First Issues

Visit the First Issues Collectors Club for the experts in this field. Here's my collection, started April 2003.

Anyone starting a First Issues collection should visit #1's of the World, the web site of David Olson, founder of FICC.

These pages were my first attempt at displaying my first issues collection, but I am now focussing a great deal more attention on the Guinness pages, so from October 2003, updates in this section will be few and far between.

There are two sorts of display, frequently those countries where I just have #1, and occasionally those where I have a more extensive selection. I will therefore go for a simple alphabetical listing with links to more detailed pages. See also the Guinness pages, started May 2003 and First Firsts, July 2003..

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By Date

I will include new arrivals and some favourites below.



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