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G Blackburn
Amino Acids Metabolism & Medical Applications
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edited by G Blackburn & others. published 1983 by John Wright PSG Inc. 520 pgs with index. many charts & graphs. hb. ex-library book.
(22nd May 2001)
G. Meredith Blackburn III

MY TANG'S TUNGLED Humorous Poems 1973 HC/DJ



Gabriele Blackburn
The Science and Art of the Pendulum: A Complete Course in Radiesthesia

This 77 page soft cover book was copyright in 1983 by Gabriele Blackburn. This is the third printing August 1987. Gabriel Blackburn is the author, spiritual healer and clairvoyant.
This course emphasizes the practical use of the pendulum in maintaining a state of health by determining the underlying causes of disease. The ancient art of the pendulum, now called Radiesthesia, or Psionic healing, opens many new fields of research, and when learned correctly can be an invaluable source of self-help. With Radiesthesia the pendulist can determine the need for vitamins, minerals, and supplements on a daily basis; also which remedies and dosage to use when ill.

No international shipping, which saved me the trouble of not bidding on it. But we're all family.

(6th Jan 2002)
by Gabriele Blackburn
(Book faith India, Delhi, 8173031916, paperback, pp.235, 1996) no pic
The Light of Krishnamurti relates the many-faceted mystical and spiritual occurrences of J. Krishnamurti as experienced by Gabriele Blackburn. This is the story of the author's life in relationship to these events, their extraordinary meaning, and the profound effect they had on her. In a simple, direct, factual manner, she tells how is friendship, personal interviews, and the understanding of his teachings, helped her to resolve a life crisis, and discover an insightful way of living. This book voices the quality of the clear Light of truth which casts no shadows. It is a personal testimony to the sacred life & teachings of Krishnamurti, that Gold Light of eternity.

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(10th August 2001)
Nearly lost in a lot of nine books on diabetes, we have:

7 - The Restaurant Companion : A Guide to Healthier Eating Out
by Hope S. Warshaw, George Blackburn
List price - $13.95
New – paperback
Ingram description - Approaching her subject by cuisines--17 in all--Warshaw examines typical menu items from a cook's perspective, noting the virtues and vices in common ingredients and methods of preparation. She then creates five "Model Meals" for each style of fare, suggesting ways readers can tailor their order to achieve their dietary goals.

George C. Blackburn
Where The Hell Are The Guns?, A Soldier's Eye View Of The Anxious Years
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McClellan, 1997, 1st printing. HC.  

Here's another (6th May 2001)

THE GUNS OF NORMANDY - A SOLDIER'S EYE VIEW, FRANCE 1944: George C. Blackburn. McClelland & Stewart: Toronto, Ontario, 1995. Second printing. Hardcover octavo. ISBN: 0-7710-1500-3. 511 pages, including index. 16 pages of black and white photos. An account of the WWII landing at Normandy, and the weeks following. Provides genuine insight to the nature of military service for the average Canadian soldier in the Second World War. VERY GOOD/VERY GOOD. Soiling on top edge of text block, and to top edge of back board. Otherwise, text is bright and bindings are tight. Dustjacket is stained on top edge of back panel, and flap. Otherwise, looks bright and clean in a brodart DJ cover. 


(9th June 2001)
George M. Blackburn
The Diary of Captain Ralph Fry of the Eighth Michigan Infantry. Edited with an Introduction by George M. Blackburn. Central Michigan University Press. Mount Pleasant, Michigan. 1965. Paperback. Faded at spine. 73 pages.

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(2nd July 2001)
Western Civilization 

This paperback book was printed in 1991 and is in very good condition

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Graham Blackburn
Illustrated Housebuilding
Illustrated Furniture Making
Traditional Handworking Tools
Furniture by Design

Housebuilding - A comprehensive and accurate for everyday people. Great art work, that gives wonderful information w/o being too technical for the layman. Over 400 step-by-step illustrations by the author. With the aid of Illustrated Housebuilding anyone who can read and hold a hammer will be able to build a house - and have fun doing it. Book in vg condition with a good dustcover, 8.5 by 11 format w/155 pgs.


He has also published a book on furniture which I would like.

From the dust jacket:
"For the amateur woodworker interested in making his own furniture, here is the perfect guide and an invaluable source book.
Precise instructions and hundreds of detailed, explicit drawings are used to describe the construction of eight basic pieces of furniture: pine box bookcase desk box chest side table dining table cabinet side chair.

Illustrated Furniture Making is primarily concerned with giving practical guidance, but it is also organized to help the woodworker develop sound techniques and understand the basic principles involved.



(10th July 2001)
The Overlook Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Term s. By Graham Blackburn - same one
(1st Dec 2001)
Modern and Classic Woodburning Stoves and the grass roots energy revival by Bob and Carol Ross, illustrated by Graham Blackburn from the authors' original material.


(8th Dec 2001)
Harry W.
The Romance of St. George's Chapel Windsor Castle by Harry W. Blackburn., with a forward by The Dean of Windsor. It is a hard cover with a silky blue cover, the inscriptions are embossed gold lettering , with a print of Windsor Castle on the front. There are 79 pages full of Illustrations and story renditions. The very special part of the is book is the inscription which reads as follows. ***To Mother love "Mac" This book was purchased during my tour of Windsor Castle on April 14, 1940 with members of the 1&2 Field Regiments of the Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force. It evokes a picture of young soldiers touring a country in which they were to fight , sending loved ones back home a present, we don't even know if he made it home, as so many did not. This book is in nice condition , on one page is a red X and check mark, I think placed there by Mac for hid mother to see the picture of the place he visited that day. Then on the cover is the letter B written in pen. Besides that it presents very well, and is a nice piece of history.
Henry Blackburn

I like Henry's books, although I have only managed to but one, Normandy Picturesque. I have now accumulated so much Henry Stuff that it is time for a page of his own. click here

(3rd May 2001)
Normandy Picturesque, by Henry Blackburn. With numerous Illustrations. First American From Second London Edition. Boston: James R. Osgood and Co., Late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood & Co. 1873. Author's Edition. This book is in good shape. Cover has minor wear. The illustration in the second photo is "A Toiler of the Sea". Buyer pays shipping and handling






(19th Jan 2002)
Col. Henry Blackburne Hamilton
Historical Record of the 14th (King's) Hussars
by Paul Peters and Col. Henry Blackburne Hamilton.
736 Pages. Clothbound. This reprint of the 14th (Kings) Hussars unit history was first published in 1901 and appears here in a new quality edition. The 14th (Kings) Hussars, originally formed in 1715 as Dromers Dragoons and later as the Kings Light Dragoons, was one of the most distinguished regiments in the British cavalry with battle honors earned in the Peninsular War, Punjab, Persia, Central India, and South Africa. This complete history is presented chronologically and details the commanders, operations and uniforms from 1715-1900, and is complemented with superb full color plates of uniforms and standards, and duotone photographs of the regimental commanders during this period. Detailed maps show operational campaign details.

(20th October 2001)
Pro Visual InterDev 6 Programming
This is an oversized trade paperback published by WROX Programmer to Programmer:
Professional Visual InterDev 6 Programming, by Ian Blackburn et al.

List price: $49.95.

(10th Nov 2001)
(28th June 2001)
J.L. Blackburn
This book is in excellent to like new condition. It is authored by j.l. Blackburn the inventor of the protective relay. It is copyrighted 1982. It is a hard cover book 14" X 12" and contains. The westinghouse seal is on the cover. It contains several hundred pages of text.

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(3rd June 2001)

Jack E. Blackburn

One at a Time All at Once : The Creative Teacher's Guide to Individualized Instruction Without Anarchy

(7th October 2001)

James Blackburn

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #1 with a story called "Duel" by Dennis O'Neil, Jim Aparo, Keith Giffen, Joe Quesada, Tom Lyle, Dan Spiegle, & James Blackburn. The comic is in NM condition in my opinion and based on Overstreet is worth $4 in that condition.

(12th Nov 2001)
James again (same, different?), one comic with a choice of covers

This is the first printing (and second) of the modern classic Cry For Dawn #5.
Features include:
Full-color cover by Linsner
Contents page illustration of Dawn by Linsner
“Everything” by Monks & Kevin J. Taylor
“The Belt” by Monks, James Blackburn, and Matthew Hollingsworth
“Words of Wisdom”, afterword by Monks & Linsner, with an illustration by Linsner
“Burns Brightest” by Linsner
Full page ad by Linsner for “Subtle Violents” #1
Full-color back cover by Linsner

Originally published in the first half of 1993 by Cry For Dawn Productions.

(3rd July 2001)

Jeannie Blackburn Moran
Twin Souls

Christopher, Boston, 1922 1st Ed., 80 pages. ***SIGNED by author*** Hardbound. Very Good+ condition.

John Blackburn
A Scent of New-Mown Hay

1958 A Scent of New-Mown Hay By John Blackburn..His 1st NOVEL W/DUSTJACKET M.S. MILL COMPANY and WILLIAM MORROW & COMPANY, NEW YORK.
same John? (6th May 2001)


Blackburn, John. Broken Boy. New York, Lancer Books #73-475, (1966), 1st Lancer printing. Paperback, 173 pages (+ 3 pages of ads). This book is in very good+ condition with tiny chips to some extremities, few light creases, and the date in ink on the front free end paper.

Recently, British Book World called it: "The best John Blackburn book, but alas... also the most scarce" Perhaps OUR LADY OF PAIN is the most scarce of all the modern horror books.
This is a hardbound copy (with dustjacket), published by Jonathan Cape Booksellers of London; first edition 1974; near Fine condition; both jacket and book are VG+ (never released in the United States); when copies of this book surface in the collector's market, they usually sell for $175 - $400!
Dedicated to Christopher Lee who apparently suggested the story. A contemporary sex and horror tale based loosely on the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathori, a "real vampire," and her twisted relationship with a disbarred plastic surgeon.



(20th July 2001)

It will be interesting to work out just how many Johns there are.

You are bidding on a near mint copy of the #1 edition of John Blackburn's "WEB OF EVIL" from November, 1993. A great and now hard-to-find underground/profusely illustrated comic.

This turned out to be rather too explicit for general display.


(12th Nov 2001)

Another rude effort from John

Sex/ Gay Comic Cartoon Coley Running wild Bk4
This hundred plus illustrated sex/ gay book is in almost new shape with lots of excellent black and white drawings. The story of this young gay gay is full of "explosive" encounters. It is from John Blackburn and is a very rare book. (Eros Graphic albums - No. 41) Book four- Destiny Coast

no picture (intentionally)

Now this must be another John
Components Handbook, John Blackburn, 
Boston Technical Publication 1964. An unabridged reissue of the original volume 17 of the MIT Radiation Laboratory Series. Covers the basics of circuit construction materials. CONTENTS 1. Wires & Cables; 2. Fixed Composition Resistors; 3. Fixed Wire-Wound & Miscellaneous Resistors; 4. Iron Core Inductors; 5. Piezoelectric Devices; 6. Electromagnetic Delay Lines; 7. Supersonic Delay lines; 8. Potentiometers; 9. Special Variable Condensers; 10. Rotary Inductors; 11. Instrument Motors & Tachometers; 12. Power Supplies; 13. Relays & Related Devices; 14. Receiving Tubes. 600+ pages. excellent hardback copy. These BTP editions differ from the original only in the sense that the books tend to be physically smaller page-wise, but thicker (more suitable to being a desk or bench reference than the originals).

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Jolly R Blackburn
Knights of the Dinner Table

KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE - Tales From The Vault, Volume Two. This 68 page new book is a complete compilation of all the Kodt strips appearing in Magazines: 1997 thru 1998 by Jolly R. Blackburn. Published by Kenzer and Company.


Joyce Blackburn
Suki and the Invisible Peacock

Here is the Silver Anniversary printing of Joyce Blackburn's "Suki and the Invisible Peacock. This book was originally publishes in 1965 and reissued in 1996. Joyce Blackburn also wrote three other Suki stories, numerous other books and won the Georgia Governor's Award in the Humanities. The reading level is approximately third grade. This book is in mint condition.

Suki is the youngest of an American Japanese family and she has few friends and quite an imagination! She is befriended by an invisible peacock and together they learn they are valuable despite their differences. Suki then performs a courageous act and wins a new friend.

There is also
Suki and the Magic Sand Dollar by Blackburn, illustrated by Stephanie Clayton,  Suki and the Old Umbrella

(28th June 2001)
People You Should Know Series- Theodore Roosevelt Naturalist Statesman by Joyce Blackburn Illustrated by David Cunningham, Zondervan Publishing, 1967.




There seem to be quite a few Joyce books, so I'll gather them here without comment.

(13th May 2001)
(No picture)  this might be a different Joyce
GEORGE WYTHE OF WILLIAMSBURG by Joyce Blackburn, 1975, 156 pages with index. A hardcover book with d.j., ex-library, very nice condition except that is cracked completely through to spine at page 30, however no loose pages. (damaged book) “........ Concise, well-written, and extremely absorbing. Deserves to be read and widely circulated. I have read George Wythe of Williamsburg four times and have found it fascinating even the fourth time.” Dr. William Clarkin , Professor of History, State University of New York. ...... George Wythe, his life and times, come out of the shadows of history in Joyce Blackburn’s riveting, illustrated biography. From his uneventful birth to the shocking circumstances surrounding his mysterious death, this forgotten leader of the young country was uniquely a mirror of his exhilarating, tumultuous, idea charged age......”

Juditha Blackburn
The Home Dressmaker's Guide

pub by Blackburn Co., Indianapolis,1919, 117pp, softback  



Julia Blackburn
Daisy Bated in the Desert - A Woman's Life Among the Aborigines

The book and the dust jacket are in fine condition. The book was published in 1994. The author is Julia Blackburn. The full title of the book is: Daisy Bated in the Desert - A Woman's Life Among the Aborigines. In 1913, when she was fifty four years old, Daisy Bates went to live in the deserts of South Australia. And there she stayed, with occasional interruptions, for almost thirty years. She left a detailed record of her life in her letters, her published articles, her book The Passing of the Aborigines, and in notes scribbled on paper bags, old railway timetables, and even scraps of newspaper. But very little of what this strange woman tells about herself is true. For there were no boundaries separating experience from imagination; she inhabited a world filled with events that could not have taken place, with people she never met. In the book, the author explores the ancient and desolate landscape where Mrs. Bates says she was most happy. There are meetings with the Aborigines and white who knew her of about her, and slowly the facts of her life are allowed to emerge. But what makes this book so extraordinary is the way, almost imperceptibly, the author fuses her own imagination and experience with that of Daisy Bates, until she seems to be recalling this other life as if it were her own, until she is able to bring us the feeling of sitting in a tent near a railway line, staring across a red desert, where the boundary between experience and imagination disappears.

(17th June 2001)
same Julia?

The year is now 1410, and this is a world of devils and miracles, a world in which there are no clear boundaries between reality and the power of the imagination. In this spellbinding novel by one of the most original writers currently at work, the curtain dividing the past from the present is drawn back. The medieval world becomes intensely familiar, even when it is at its most strange, and we are pulled close to the people who inhabit that faraway time, sharing with the fragility of being human.”