Modern Art

Modern Art on Stamps

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Francis Bacon France 5F, 1992
Jens Birkemose

Children's Corner, 2002


Denmark 5.00, 2002
Georges Braque France 50c
Alberto Burri France 5F, 1992
Alexander Calder

on a miniature sheet which also includes works by Gomez, Miro and Hamman

United Nations 45c, 1986
Paul Cézanne France 85c
Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Memory, 1931

Liberia 50c
Henning Damgaard-SØrensen

Postbillede, 2001


Denmark 6.50, 2002
Paul Delvaux France 5F, 1992
 Max Ernst

Europe After the Rain , 1940-42

Liberia 50c
Roger de la Fresnaye France 1fr
Gomez, see above

Hamman, see above

Vilhelm Hammershǿi

Stǿvkornenes dans i solstrălerne, 1900

Denmark 9.75, 1997
Frans Kannik

Maleren og modellen, 2002


Denmark 22.00, 2002
JØrn Larsen

Missus, 2001


Denmark 18.00, 2002
Roy Lichtenstein

The Dance, 1974

Liberia 50c
Andre Masson

La Pythie

France 5fr, 1984
Henri Matisse

The Dance, 1910

Liberia 50c
  France 65c



see also above

Monaco 5f
Piet Mondrian

An easel holding Mondrian's Composition 1922

Netherlands 1983 50c
Piet Mondrian

Detail of Red Windmill

Netherlands 1994 70c
Piet Mondrian

ruitvormige compositie met hele lijnen (it says here)

I'm guessing that means one of the diamond compositions and some clothing

Netherlands 1994 80c
Piet Mondrian

Detail of Broadway Boogie Woogie

Netherlands 1994 90c
Piet Mondrian

Composition C, 1930


Togo 140F
Piet Mondrian

Another detail of Broadway Boogie Woogie,

Liberia 50c
Ben Nicholson

Still Life, Odyssey I

GB, 1993 39p
Pablo Picasso

The Three Musicians, 1921

Liberia 50c
Jackson Pollock

Lavender Mist, 1950

Liberia 50c
Kurt Schwitters


Germany 80pf
Antoni Tápies France 5F, 1992
Andy Warhol

Multi-coloured Retrospective, 1979

Liberia 50c
J F Willumsen

En Bjergbestigerske, 1912

Denmark 13.00, 1997
Grant Wood

American Gothic, 1930

I'm not sure on the origins of this one, spotted in an eBay sale (I lost the auction), but I think it is labelled Sharjah. I have repeated the image as that of the stamp is so poor.

topical stamps

300 long