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1 This is neither clever nor funny, but is one of the many verses exploring the peculiarities of English spelling and pronunciation.
2 These are from the original work, but updated for C21 by the author. Item 22.1 derives from "erratic dyslexic".
3 I'm trying to reconstruct the original first page here. When I have all the 1.nn's I might assemble them at the top (depending on how good they are). The shoe box archive is a few hundred pieces of 2" by 3" paper with each word in every verse getting a separate sheet. I'll look for 1.1 and add that to a page as an example - see below. These bits of paper will be worth their weight in silver in years to come.
4 gruesome added to the original 10th Feb 2002
5 If I had been paying any attention in those days, I would have Done Something about this pair. Rules are hard to define, but neither verse is really worth a place.
6 If you're really daft you can read a lot more into these verses than is really there. #18, for example, could be taken as an explanation of most pre C20 conflicts. #67 is perhaps even closer to encapsulating the impact of Aids in its middle period (initial ignorance, intermediate safety, tertiary revival through medication).
7 I am tempted to make that "threeodolites"
8 An early example of word association football
9 There are a few examples of this "take a well-known name and add rhymes" oeuvre, some better than others. I like the Beethoven, but only include the Marx and Powell as examples because they are there. I think such verses should be encouraged and feel free to recycle names.
10 In my first significant trawl through the archive, I have come across several entries with a page number of infinity. I cannot recall why I did that.
11 Normally it's one word per line, but this seemed excessive.
12 I find it difficult to believe that this was not in the original, but I can't spot it in the filing system, so I might as well grab it before someone else does. This raises a point, what if a new contributor submits an entry which was in the original, but  haven't posted yet? Damned if I care.
13 I'm not sure whether I like these. 62 started with the track Pepper from a Butthole Surfers album and 61 followed on. They might disappear.
14 Adapted (i.e. pinched) from I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, first broadcast 25th Nov 2002


I have found the first verse.



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Nick Blackburn 21 yes yes
Steve S 22 no no
Stephen C 23 yes yes


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1-12 Before 10th Feb 2002
13-51 This was my first large selection from the archive on 10th Feb. If any of the original authors would like to lay claim to their verses, just let me know.