Nude Rejects

There is a lot of exploitation in stamps as countries with virtually no postal service issue thousands of stamps designed to attract collectors who cannot bear incompleteness. This is often done through topical issues, so expect lots of cats, trains and, of course nudes. These are the ones you get in the packets.

This page is a graveyard for those rejects, largely organised by country, but with a special section for Rubens, whose 400th in 1977 presented a bonanza of worthless wallpaper.  Stampalists of taste don't buy them  - it only encourages the market. Images from eBay, all taken on 6th November 2005.

Chad 2003
Chad 2003
Congo 2003
Tamara de Lempicka
Congo 2005
East Germany
Equatorial Guinea
more Equatorial Guinea
Guinea Bissau made an exhibition of itself  in 2005.  
Guinea Bissau 2005
Guinea Bissau 2005
Spanish Nudes
This is the least of the evils Guinea Bissau visited on the stamp world in 2005. Quite a well-received subject, but undermined by the rest.
Guinea Bissau 2005
Guinea Bissau 2005
more Modigliani
Guinea Bissau 2005

A series of gratuitous Japanese miniature sheets

Hungary 1974
More Hungary
Ivory Coast 2003
Kyrgystan 2003
Tajikistan 2000

I think this is rather more tasteful and selective than most on this page, but  this is still where it belongs.

There are scores of similar examples, with Congo and Somalia being particularly active. You can find them coming around regularly on eBay and most of them are shown on this excellent East European website, where they are nicely described as speculative issues, i.e. not valid postally. I will trawl through the offerings and consider including any with artistic merit on the main page.

Rubens 1977

Central Africa
East Germany
Guinea Bissau
Upper Volta