My main reason for including this as a topic is, the frivolous but well-meaning intention to illustrate the Monty Python Philosophers' Song, as below.

I have taken the text from the excellent and most of the stamps from Philatelic Philosoophy [April 2010 - regrettably, both these links are now dead.]. Where I cannot find a stamp I have temporarily used a snap or other illustration.

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant he was very rarely stable.
Heideggar, Heideggar was a boozy beggar he could drink you under the table.
David Hume could out-consume ...
... Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel
And Wittgenstein was a beery swine ...
... he was just as schloshed as Schlegel.
There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach about the raising of the wrist.
Socrates himself was permanently pissed.
John Stewart Mill, of his own free will, on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.
Plato, they say, could stick it away half a crate of whisky every day
Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle,     
Hobbes was fond of his dram
And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart: "I drink, therefore I am."
Yes, Socrates himself is particularly missed;
A lovely little thinker, but a bugger when he's pissed.
see above

Those from "Kemp Land" are not real stamps, as it is not a real country, but rather one of those eccentric enclaves occasionally reported in the media in which the phrase self-styled always appears in the commentary. They are included as the only source (so far) of those philosophers on gummed and perforated paper. The stamp world refers to these as Cinderella items - I'm not sure why, but probably something to do with artifice and pumpkins.

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