Phonecard Carnet

Mondrian Phonecard Carnet

3rd June 2002. I bought another set of phone-cards because they were advertised as coming with the original carnet. By gum that was a good plan as the centre of the carnet unfolds to reveal the motherlode of Mondrian Artifacts. So good it gets a page of its own.

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Front cover
Back cover
Here are the cards inside

And below is the centre of the carnet, reconstructed from four separate scans, hence the joins. I think I'm right in saying I do not have a single one of these items in the collection (small correction next day - I do have the stamp). I have earrings and glasses, but not those particular ones. I don't have paper hankies (I think that's what they are), but most importantly, I must have that wine bottle. Looking at the picture again, it looks rather small for a wine bottle in comparison to the other items, but whatever it is, I need one.