Poetry Party Background

2nd Feb 2002
This page comes and goes and comes and goes and for the time being it's back. Eventually I will get it right and it can stay. Then I can rebuild the old entries, accept new contributions and we can all move inexorably on to fame and fortune. Well, probably not fortune.

The point is, when at school in the early 70s, I started a poem which was designed to grow through other peoples' contributions, as well as my own. An opening verse of 10-or-so lines set up the starting point of a fictitious party to which the attendors were described in rhyme, usually (but not necessarily) couplets. I thought of one rather good such couplet recently:

The Thunderbirds

You see, they don't even have to rhyme - just be clever in some way.

But I just can't find the starter [now located - see here]. What I can remember for sure is:

It was a multi-beered,
    [something something]
Those not invited included
Tory peers
    [something something]

And then we have the list of those who did come. I have the shoe-box with the original entries from the early 70s. Let's go. There's no rush - this is a long term project, already 30 years old. I'll wrewrite the starter, gradually add the best of the originals and manage any new contributions. If you feel that your contribution needs an explanation, include it and I will add footnotes. If you think of one, make a note and then send it in by clicking here. I will add the best with an acknowledgement to the author and links to your site or email address if requested.
Feel free to contribute to and improve the first verse. It is a shadow of its former self.

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