Mondrian: The Process Works, 1970

Pace Gallery, New York 11th April - 16th May 1970
Los Angeles County Museum 14th July - 30th August 1970

This is a curious exhibition. The idea is not immediately inspiring, no Mondrian pictures, just preliminary sketches and doodles, but when you get down to the detail, many of the items are really fascinating.

The pictures below are the installation photographs from the catalogue and then my two favourite items, sketches on a cigarette packet and a milk tablet packet.

The other feature of the exhibition is a construction of an architectural design made by Mondrian in 1926,  Salon de Madame B ... Dresden. This was executed in formica - the original design was never implemented.


This is page 17 of the catalogue, the walls are titled Salon de Madame B and Paris 1926

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Page 34, Paris 1935 - 1937 and New York 1940 - 1942
Pages 42-43, New York 1940 - 1942 and England 1938 - 1940
Page 49, Classic drawing no. 20 c. 1939-40, pencil on milk tablet package, 27/8 x 8"
My favourite, page 45, Classic drawing no. 17, c. 1939, pencil on cigarette package, 33/8 x 51/2"


I have always wondered what brand of cigarettes Mondrian smoked and similarly wished I had more information on other aspects of his life style - what he ate and drank and how he lived. I will start a Lifestyle page in due course as I have a few items of information available. I have tried to read the brand on the packet. It looks like Blue Line, but it is very indistinct and I can find no reference to Blue Line cigarettes on the net.

cigarette packet detail

Page 64, Mondrian and Harry Holtzman in Holtzman's studio, New York, c. 1940